Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Shrove Tuesday

Happy Pancake Day everyone! Just to let you know that the diet is not going too well today. I've had 2 pancakes - both with golden syrup on. That was quite good for me though - I could normally eat about 8 and still not be full. (I wonder why the weetabix tin is still out. I don't eat weetabix on pancakes). I'm still eating loads of fruit and veg, but am still craving sweet stuff.

A friend of mine from work has been on a 'British Heart Foundation Diet' where you are guaranteed to lose a stone in a week. I liked the sound of that, so she gave me a copy. I am very dubious that it has come from such a reliable source though - a stone in a week is surely not healthy (however tempting it may sound!) Her husband managed it though and she has done 11 lbs in 2 weeks. The diet is severe in every sense of the word. It's more like a starvation diet - I think I could manage a couple of hours on that at most. I need more than a hard-boiled egg for breakfast and then nothing until my lunch of fruit and then tea of lettuce and tomatoes. Don't eat anything after 6 pm either. What about my mars bar at supper time?

Ah well, I think I'll just plod on, eating normally, but without all the cakes and biscuits, sweets and chocolates. Ah, but that is all I do eat normally.

Lent tomorrow - anybody giving anything up? I'm going to give up chocolate, and will try to stop with the cakes, biscuits and sweets too. Try being the very big word!


Anonymous said...

Yes, I've given up drinking...boozey type drinks, and chocolate and walking on tight-ropes.... Fran

RooKnits said...

Alcoholic drinks, crisps and chocolate for me like every year... although I'm starting next Tuesday, as I'm off to Brussels for the weekend and not eating chocolate and drinking beer would be rude!

quinn said...

Goodness, that sounds more like the "Breaks-Your-Heart Foundation Diet"...setting one up for hunger, frustration AND guilt after inevitable failure!

Best of luck with your more sensible plan! I admire your determination. (And I share your weakness for sweets, I'm afraid.)

Anonymous said...

I told Wayne and the kid slast night that I was going to give up cooking dinner for lent, no-one was very impressed with that idea though. I usually try to give up chocolate so I guess I'll do that again this year. It has rather crept up on me though, I didn't have time to have my customary 12 mars bars on shrove tuesday to try and see me through.. kerrie x

Working Mom Knits said...

We disgusted everyone - even ourselves - with an ungodly intake of chocolate, sugar, soda, juice, and king cake yesterday. So it is cold-turkey from here on out.
No new yarn, not sweet stuff - oh joy!

ps: I. Want. That. Blanket.

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Don't give up anything! Just have everything in moderation - at least that's what I keep trying to tell myself...........!

Lucy x

Samantha said...

Have managed to put on two pounds since Christmas (!) due largely to cake and biscuits at work, so have resolved to eat only at mealtimes, no snacking except on fruit/veg until Easter. Wish me luck!

Lesley said...

I mentioned giving up wine but Lucy Locket advised me strongly that I shouldn't even consider it!!
May have to be chocolate then :(

joy michelle said...



You must be very brave.

Anonymous said...

I'm giving up my nightly glass of Chardonnay. Sigh. It will be good for me of course. About the diet--it doesn't sound healthful. It will make you hungry and then you will overeat when you can no longer stand it. If you are totally fanatical about it, you may lose at first, but your body will turn your metabolism down. (There can't be more than 800 calories per day if what you describe is accurate.) I too need to lose weight and have lost 22 lb since 9/1/07. I still have a long way to go. I don't keep sweets in the house, or I would surely eat them. I eat 5 servings of fruits and vegetables and drink 6 eight oz. glasses of water a day. The rest is fat-free milk, lean meat or fish, and whole grain carbohydrate (bread, brown rice,etc.)