Sunday, February 10, 2008

Have you won then?

I've just made the draw for the American Blanket, the Autumn Blanket and the Camelspin.

The winner of the fabulous American Blanket will be announced over at Mason Dixon.

However, I can tell you that Dawn Fowler has won the Autumn Blanket. If anyone knows Dawn (from Hampshire in the UK) please get her to e-mail me just to confirm where she wants it sending to.

And the winner of the Camelspin is Lise Ranger.

Well done ladies, hope you enjoy your prizes!


Anonymous said...

oh well done winners.... kerrie x

Averil said...

I'm shocked! I never win anything!!
Can you email me at and I will let you know where to send it.
Thanks Michaela and everyone else who contributed.
Dawn Fowler (usually known as Averil)

Working Mom Knits said...


*heading out the door for retail therapy - oh, wait; I've spent all of my money on blankie tickets*

Anonymous said...

Dear Michaela:

I am delighted to read that I have won the camelspin. Thanks to everyone who contributed to the draw and in particular to you, Michaela.

Lise R.