Thursday, March 13, 2008


For the past few weeks I've been making these little felted pincushions with a class in school - this is half of them. I wish you could see the stitching - it is the first time many of them have ever held a needle - the levels of concentration at even trying to thread the needle were wonderful to behold! But they're now done - thanks in no uncertain terms to Land End who sent me a huge box full of jumpers to felt - all free of charge. Their generosity has been amazing.

Note for Elizabeth:-
Warren - in the side bar - is the husband of a friend who used to run knitting club with me. He knows I have a great weakness for yarn and was highly amused at my pledge to not buy yarn until the Knitting and Stitching show at Alexandra Palace in London in October. He is so certain that I will fail in my efforts that he has pledged £1 to a charity of my choice for every finished object I produce between now and then. With nearly 7 months still to go, he need not be worried. Even I doubt my will power!

Another note for Elizabeth:-
The 'finished projects' is how many things I've completed since taking the no yarn pledge - there are 3 things on it, so that's £3 heading off to my favourite charity - providing of course I keep the promise...


duraknit said...

I know better than to pledge not to buy any yarn at all. But I did resolve to cut down, way down, and so far have succeeded. That "finished objects" thing, though -- what is that?


Working Mom Knits said...

Good grief lady! Those little cupcakes look good enought to eat (whacha thing WW would assess as the per cake pint value?)

And free from LAND'S END? However did you manage that?!

ps: TBG was giving me a hard time last night because I was using my pajama top (which was on my body) to collect the pins while un-blocking my Bubbly Curtain.

Anonymous said...

I Love the cakes!!! I especially love the one you sent me! I hope you got my email to that effect, but in case you didn't (some of my emails seem to end up totally randomly in my trashbox) I'll say it again, I LOVE THE PINNY CAKES!!!! Love from Fran xxx

kelli ann said...

i really applaud warren's pledge. and those 'cakes' are sweet-- lovely!