Thursday, March 27, 2008

Easter Bunny Swap

Little did Lucy Locket Pocket know when she sent me my swap pal's details that Clara is a jolly good friend of mine (she's the M in WMK). Anyway, here are all my goodies from the swap. Chocolates, sweets, stickers, marshmallows and bunnies! Yeah, lucky old me, I love my bunnies! They are in seperate stash baskets (I have several!) throughout the house, just incase they do the thing that rabbits like to do! Many thanks Clara, it was a lovely surprise when I returned from Wales.

Tomorrow I will show you all the knitting I managed to get done on holiday. Daren't show you today as husband is around and if he saw the ammount of half done knitting that I've got lying around he would be a bit cross. ('Why don't you just finish something before you start something new?)

He doesn't understand Startitis. But then he doesn't knit. How sad. I can't imagine life without knitting. And on the subject of imagining life without someone you love, go see Dee, she needs support and lots of internet love.


Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Love your goodies from WMK! This bunny swap has been really good fun - I'm really looking forward to organising the next one now!!!!

Working Mom Knits said...

Got back from the girls weekend last night and needed a 45mn power nap to recover! Will post pisc of your giftie (LOVE IT!!) tomorrow : )