Tuesday, March 25, 2008


So here was our arrival in Welsh Wales. It was raining. But then it always is when we go. But after a little while the sun managed to come out a bit and look at this lovely rainbow that greeted us. It was a real 'Croeso y Cymru'. Can you speak Welsh? I can't, but him of the not-so-kitten-soft-hands is fluent and assures me that this isn't how its spelt (something to do with dashes and i's). But you get the idea? It means 'Welcome To Wales' - which of course you knew 'cos you're far more clever than what I am.

The weather was not great for most of the holiday, but we managed to get out every day, even braving Barmouth beach once. But every day I forgot my camera.

Every day except one. We went for a walk and met some of the local sheep. Look how white they are (something to do with all the rain!) I thought how good it would be to be able to spin. I could just stand there and get myself a few balls of wool ready to knit into something fantastic.

I felt sure the sheep wouldn't mind. I mean, the sun was out, they didn't need all that fleece. Never mind that 5 minutes before it had been snowing. No, they looked far too hot.

But then I saw this sign. Blooming Welsh Tourist Board. Why can't we spin at the side of a beautiful lake? As to swim feeding? Are they stark staring bonkers? Who would want swim in the lake. It was FREEZING. But swim feeding? You mean like swimming in melted chocolate? What's wrong with that? And as to a bag limit of 3 fish - I didn't even have my bag with me.

Ah Welsh Wales. Bless. Or 'Bechad' as the locals say!


Jon and Wendy said...

I will have to say that this post "takes the cake." LOL I love the beautiful view and the rainbow, the comment about the sheep and the lake. LOL It would take an awfully clean lake for me to swim in one. LOL But as for "swim-feeding"... LOL That is hilarious. What in the world could they possibly mean. LOL
You made my day,

Monkee Maker said...

Honestly, Michaela, I'm a bit disappointed to see that you're such a rule follower!

You should have spun AND eaten while swimming (never mind that you should wait an hour after eating before swimming OR YOU COULD DIE), and tweaked your nose in the face of authority!

Glad to hear that you had a great - if law abiding - holiday.


Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Sounds like you had fun! And as for that sign - well, the mind boggles frankly!

picperfic said...

haha..glad you are back safe and sound! Love that photo with the rainbow. Barry wants to know why sheep don't shrink when they dry after being rained on?