Thursday, May 22, 2008


Many thanks for all the kind comments on the latest addition to my blanket supply. There seem to be one or two of you who want to know how to make one, so I shall endeavour to do a 'how to' post in the next few days. Just bear with me whilst I get organised.

This will also give you time to collect some woolly jumpers so you can join in the fun. (You could always go to Amazon to buy a copy of this book - it's worth every penny believe me!)


Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

There's a conspiracy!

I already want that book and here you are telling us it is gorgeous and Daisy Chain

is also showing us how lovely it is!

Just when I can't afford a copy too!

Snot fair!

Me x

Cazzie said...

Ooo I like that book - I found Betz White's blog too :)

Anonymous said...

I should be able to purchase Betz White book at Chapters. Learned a little more about Warm Fuzzies on Daisy Chain's blog. Thanks for taking the time to explain and share your knowledge.


Anonymous said...

Your blanket is beautiful and it is so kind of you to take the time to put together a tutorial, I very much look forward to this.
Being an asolute beginner with knitting I bought a skein of wool for socks but don't know how to make it into a ball, you had a skein of wool and then you produced the most perfect symetrical ball of wool. So impresive.
Love love love your blog.

Working Mom Knits said...

It's all Sam all the time here in Silver Spring! And one joyful little guy!! When you've got a few mns go to my blog to see the pics : )

Thanks again : )


Charlie P said...

Hooray! A blanket tutorial! I've been ogling all your fancy yarns in past posts and will definitely be trying the mars bar crispy thingies in an ice-cream cone- excellent idea :)