Wednesday, May 7, 2008


I've changed my broadband supplier and now have a new e-mail address - please will someone e-mail me and check if this works. Many thanks.

Can't get a link to work but I'm here

rowlands dot family at talktalk dot net

if you get my meaning


Anonymous said...

I tried, did it not work?

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Hi Michaela - I've sent you an email too - panicking though that you won't have had my very very very grateful email thanking you for my mini-quilt! It is incredible and I love it - hopefully one of my emails will get through to you! Talk to you soon. Lucy xxx

Katy said...

oh my oh my oh my - I just spotted that AMAZING quilt of yours over on the Locket blog. WOW! Just had to pop over and tell you I think you are quite possibly the cleverest person in all the world (when it comes to mini quilts at least!)

Monkee Maker said...

Oh my God woman! Is there NOTHING you can't do?? I KNOW you bake like a soux (soo? sue??) chef, you knit up a storm and now you're a sewing genius too??

The quilt you made for Lucy is JUST GORGEOUS and I particularly like the little blue ... tadpoles ... on it (if that's what you're saying they are - fine ... I think we both know ;)

Ok, you're done now, you can stop being so talented.



Rachelmp said...

Hi Michaela. I've just been to Lucy's blog and thought I had better visit! Your work is just beautiful and Lucy is a very lucky mini quilt collector