Monday, May 19, 2008

Startitis - again

Well, it's arrived again. Coming round more quickly than a number 12 bus. My bouts of startitis seem to be getting worse - more regular, more frequent and oh so much worse than ever before.

Before you go rushing to conclusions, I bought this yarn last year at Ally Pally with the full intentions of making a lovely silk cardigan that Kerrie had on display. But somehow, things overtook it in the stash basket hierarchy of importance. And I just can't imagine why (oh yes, it was all Tipsy's fault wasn't it?). Well no longer will you be tight little skeins, my precious Hipknits Aran Silk. Now is your chance to breathe, be free and become that fantastic cardigan. Tonight you will be wound into balls and begin the exciting journey into knitted clothing. I can almost hear the silk singing and sighing with eager anticipation. Or is that just my over active imagination?

I shall also be continuing my progress with the Regia sock yarn (strangely enough also silk - perhaps this is the year of silk whilst last year was cashmere). I felt the stripes needed a plain stocking stitch pattern so have opted for Yarn Harlot's basic sock recipe. Damn but I love stocking stitch, so neat and perfect - I can hardly wait to get my tootsies in some comfy silk. (It was very cold last night and despite working hard on a felted jumper blanket, me and my toes were freezing!)

There will be more news on the blanket another day. Hopefully when startitis has calmed down a bit (but then I did only start that last night too).

Send a cure someone please, it's getting serious here.


Anonymous said...

Handcuffs? Fran x

Barbara/Ring-a-Rosie said...

I think startitus is catching and it seems there is no known cure. Great to see the socks in progress and the new starty project sounds lovely,

Barbara x

RooKnits said...

I'm liking the stripes. Regia Silk is just a joy to knit with.

Sue said...

Scrummy colours in that aran silk - that cardi will be so covetable. You are knitting it in my size, I hope!

Cazzie said...

Love the aran silk colours - look forward to piccies of the cardi :D

Working Mom Knits said...

Personally I'm all for blaming startitis on Kerrie, and maybe Dee too. They know we are weak and yet they insist on creating such BEAUTIFUL yarns to tempt us. I mean, just LOOK at the Hipknits treasure you've got there - you could swim in those colors - shame on you Kerrie!

*sends email to see if Hipknits has any of these same yarns to send me via Fedex*