Friday, May 30, 2008

It's a hat!

Now I know it looks more like one of those ghastly toilet roll cosies, but it's a hat - honestly! It will look better on a baby I'm sure, only I didn't have one to hand for the photo. It fell right over Vera's face so she couldn't even act as my model.

Haven't taken any pictures of Vera lately have I? Well I'm taking the boys out today (in the hope that they will stop arguing for a few minutes) so she might very well come with us. To keep the peace you understand.

I have a few newcomers to this blog, so maybe you don't know who Vera is - come back tomorrow and you may find out!


Anonymous said...

Well, I love that hat! How did you get the flower to stand up so beautifully? It's must stop being so modest! Fran

Working Mom Knits said...

Note to Warren: are you beginning to worry?

ps: M - adorable hat!

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Lovely hat but I can see the problem you might have had with using Vera as a model for it! Hope you have a good day out! Lucyx

picperfic said...

oh dear, boys and school holidays and Mums that knit, don't mix, you have my sympathy! I love love love the baby hat, it is sooo cute!

dottycookie said...

*Of course* it's a hat - and a very lovely one at that!