Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Headless Chickens

Well we have returned from the Welsh Wales Party and just have the Garden Party to arrange now. So that'll be more cake to make and decorate. And lots of Party food too (just a thought, but if any of you want to come and celebrate David's 50th next Saturday, consider yourselves invited - 3pm onwards, just e-mail me for my address)

I have another very important cake to do for this weekend too, as well as getting the house organised, all the washing and ironing done, the garden to sort out - David being away until the weekend - and running about doing football duties. Calling in sick at work sounds very tempting, but as I only live a few doors away from school, they might notice the activity going on and wonder just how sick I really am.

Does any of this make sense? I really am running around like a headless chicken at the moment.

All this pressure and then I sit for a few minutes on the computer and realise that a very good friend is in trouble.

Don't worry, help is on its way! (Well it would be if I could just find my car keys under all the cake tins and washing up!)


Merry Mog said...

Glad you are safely back. What a busy time you will be having! Wish I could come to the Party. I could arrive a few days early and help, but I am going up to my roots in South Shields/the Dales for a few days visiting friends and a sick Auntie. All the best for the party and post some cake piccies.

kerrie said...

please try not to stress too much about the other cake, you know it will be well received no matter what. I'd love to come to the party on saturday but I'll be elbow deep in cornish pasties and cheesecakes....

Lesley said...

I'll be there in spirit!!! Hope you get everything done this week.

What am I saying?

Of course you will - you're a woman!!!!

Not sure if the rescue mission will arrive in Brizzle in time - MM has left me a rather sinister comment!


Working Mom Knits said...

Love to come to the party!

Sadly, TLG's already purchased my Mother's Day gift (or he should have done by now as Mother's Day is Sunday...) so I think it is little too late to ask for an airline ticket.

Have a wonderful celebration!

ps to Kerrie: Why on Earth would you put pasties on your elbows? Come to think of it, why do you have 'em in the first place - have you taking up stripping on the weekends?

(or is that just an American term for a specific item worn by "exotic dancers"?

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

I'd love to come to the party - mainly so I could give you a HUGE hug to say thank you for my mini-quilt - I am absolutely overwhelmed by how lovely it is! Thank you sooooooooo much!

Hope you get through all the things you have to do - as you know, I'm in pretty much the same boat at the moment and just want to run away to the allotment and sleep in the sunshine! (forget about doing any work there - I just want to chill!)

Lucy xxx

dottycookie said...

It looks like you're going to have a lovely weekend for the party - hope it all goes brilliantly and lots of food and cake are enjoyed by all!

trashalou said...

I would love to come but have a prior engagement in London - tea at Fortnums, don't you know!

Have a triffic birthday party and we look forward to cake pictures.