Sunday, May 11, 2008

Saturday pudding

Sorry this is a day late, but yesterday was hectic to say the very least. It was David's party - the one I invited you all to last week. Well I have to say people, you missed a great time. I had intended on taking a photo of all the food, but sorry, I forgot - I was too busy handing it all out. I went for finger food (you know, the sort you pick up with your fingers , things on little sticks etc) rather than plates - much easier to balance your drink!

We managed to get a fridge outside in the shade packed with white wine, boxes with iced water in to cool the beer and soft drinks and the red wine was piled high inside. The weather was perfect and the friends that came were all lovely. The children played on the trampoline (as did a few adults) and came inside on the playstation when it all got too hot.

It really was a wonderful day, a perfect way to celebrate Mr Not So Kitten Soft Hands' 50th birthday. Here he is with his cake making a very ridiculous face (see MonkeeMaker, I told you you'd be surprised!) (I mean, does he really look like someone who was ever in the SAS?) (or is that just a very good disguise?!)

Anyway, there's loads of wine left over, a few beers and plenty of cake - anyone fancy a trip to our house?


Working Mom Knits said...

At last, we meet your David : )

Very distinguished - appears to be addressing his constituents. I can tell he was a heart-breaker while in uniform! Straight out of "Danger UXB"!

ps: BEST cake yet!!!

pps: Love the Welsh/Red Drragon flags.

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Fantastic cake and lovely photo of the birthday boy! Glad the party went well - shame we couldn't all be there in person!!!

Lucy xx

warrenincolne said...

At last, we get to see the sort of cake you make when not constrained by someone else's ideas...and it's bloomin' marvellous.

Don't s'pose there's any left?

Lisa Isaacs said...

De-lurking to say that I agree with the previous comment. It's great to see such a fab cake when no-one has dictated to you what to do! Brilliant!

trashalou said...

I tried to get there but got a bit lost just as I hit that main road -you did say turn left at the T-junction, didn't you?