Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Oliver and Clara

Oliver first and I'll try and answer some of the many questions that seem to be pouring - OK, trickling - in.

  1. Squares are to be 4", preferably knitted (or crocheted) in sock weight yarn (4 ply or thereabouts). Any pattern is fine.

  2. Leaving ends attached means I can sew up using a yarn that matches, if you don't sew them in, I don't mind, must have something similar that hasn't been moth-ravaged!

  3. Raffle tickets are priced at £1 or $2 US. If you do not want to send cash - and I don't blame you - please make cheques out to either me, M Rowlands or Oliver's mum, Emma Magnago-Prime. I am unsure about International cheques, so feel your best bet is to go to Emma's site and pledge directly to Oliver's fund with Paypal and let me know how much you've sent so I can allocate the correct number of raffle tickets. We prefer cash or cheque though. If you don't live in the UK, sweet talk anyone who's been here lately for spare cash. Notes or coins, I'm not fussy. It will all go to Oliver's Fip Flop Blue Wheelchair. Promise.

  4. I was hoping this would all be sorted by Christmas, but with the postal strikes am getting a bit doubtful. I will try my very best to get one blanket done and raffled by then and the other one ready for e-bay early in the New Year.

  5. Deadline for squares and raffle ticket money will be end of November.

Anything else, please ask! The squares are coming in slowly. We might have enough for a Vera-sized blanket so far.

And now to Clara. We met over a year ago on a Colour Swap thingy (strangely enough, following a link I saw on Emma's blog) and both feel that we are twins separated at birth! Today my internet twin sent me a fantastic package full of goodies. Now I know the whole blog present affair dictates that you photograph all the presents in their beautifully wrapped state, but sorry, after another bad day (yes folks it was yet another shitty one!) I just needed something nice and couldn't wait to rip open the whole lot. The first thing I saw was a bag of Swedish Fish - managed to save some for the photo, but half an hour later and they are all gone. Then loads of dishcloth cotton (you may remember that on a recent 'what type of yarn are you?' questionnaire, I came out as dishcloth cotton) some wonderful lime green fluffy stuff, 4 squares for Oliver (perfect squares in lovely yarns) and woo hoo, some of those amazing multi-coloured knit picks needles. They are everything they promised to be, and I now want to start something using 5mm circulars!

Thank-you so much Clara, my twin, you are very kind - xoxox


RooKnits said...

Do the squares need to be knitted, or will you accept crochet squares of the same size?
If so, do you mind if they are patterned or granny-square like?
Just planning my squares and thought it might be fun to crochet some from my 200 crochet blocks book.. but wanted to check first.

Monkee Maker said...

Good grief, great goodies!

picperfic said...

oooh what a happy parcel! Lucky you! I have met some people through blogging...swapping is great fun! I'll be in touch soon regarding the squares!

Mama said...

Glad you got it (and that the strike is over!)


ps: need to mail and envelope of British Pound Notes - I've been going around with a tin can collecting : )

Pink Sky said...

I'm working on my squares - I'll see what I can do about finding British currency here in the States to mail in. Now that the deadline's been extended until the end of November I'll see if I can find anyone else to knit as well. :)

Anonymous said...

I have reached your blog thru Kerrie' am insure about the blanket thing, could you enlighten me (I don't have a blog myself, to busy sorting my stash and planning next knit-move...not to mention work and kids and everything else that gets in the way of good knitting!) I have bits of sock yarn, could probably knock up a few squares for you...just, rather nosily, was wondering what for and what the raffle tickets are for and so on....(itchy-nose, me!) Hope this not too nosey, feel it might be....sorry in advance if it is!

Anonymous said...

Is it possible to procure the car seat in the US and then ship it over there? Seems it might be cheaper..

Anonymous said...

I looked through my stash and I do have many balls of machine washable merino yarn in dk weight. Would you be able to accept squares in dk weight yarn?
Please let me know.

Giulietta (Lise)

Anonymous said...