Friday, August 13, 2010

Back again briefly!

Just signing in quickly to show you my new socks - finally finished the July whatever you want to knit socks. I was knitting these on holiday and a lady saw them, was so excited by the fact that anyone could knit socks and offered to buy them from me. No way madam. These are made from Posh Yarn and they are mine, all mine!

About to start packing now to head off to Portugal and am wondering what knitting to take. Bought these 5 skeins of yarn and can't decide which one to use for Nutkin. Actually, I have already decided, I just wondered if you would agree with me!


Locket Pocket said...

Well obviously you are going to knit them with the yarn on the far right. Have a great holiday! Lucy x

marit said...

The red/purple one? Although they would look good in any yarn!

Have fun packing and vacationing:-) The kids here go back to school on Monday- can't wait!

Have a great holiday! Hugs, Marit

marit said...

Oh, and I don't blame you for wanting to keep those socks yourself! Great colours!

wonderwoman said...

definitely the ones on the left - that would be my choice anyway!!! Have a lovely holiday!


Mary deB said...

the centre skein.

Marie-France said...

the green one on the right!

Mrs Moog said...

If you do them with the yarn on the far right I win!

Hope you have a fab time and I'll see you and Harv for tea and cake next Friday!!!!!!


silverpebble said...

Dear Mrs Basket,

Are you a centipede? How is it that you require quite so many socks?

Yours worriedly

Marge Proops