Friday, August 27, 2010

Blowing hot and cold

Cannot quite believe it's been so long. I used to blog every day. Oh those were the days before I discovered ravelry I suppose! (And before a puppy arrived in our house who likes 2 hours of walks every day)

Anyway, as you may have noticed, we have now returned from our holidays. We are very lucky - 2 different places in 2 weeks. And how different!

This picture is taken of my 2 boys on Barmouth beach (that's up in North Wales). Miraculously the sun was almost shining so they wanted to make the most of it and go for a paddle. Insane children. This is the Irish Sea and it's bloody freezing. They did not manage it for long!

But what a difference a few days can make. Well, a few days and a lot of miles! Warm water, clear sea, golden sand. Bliss! My feet enjoyed the cool water as they had just been burnt on the red hot sand - please note cool water, not bloody freezing water.

This is a rare moment when all of us had our picture taken together - we went on a boat trip to view the grottoes around the coastline of Lagos in Portugal. It was lovely.

Last holiday picture now - me and the boys at Sagres Fort. Unsure if I have ever been quite so hot in all my life than I was up there. Mr Stressy thought it would be a good idea to walk round the perimeter of the fort. Incredibly steep cliffs surround this place, a couple of buildings and very little else. Hot and to be quite honest it would have been a bit boring, were it not for the beautiful views of that turquoise sea. (Marit, please note the bag I'm carrying - it went everywhere with me).

The Portuguese people are so fantastic - really, really friendly and very helpful - and best of all, they speak brilliant English. We want to go back again.

Knitting did happen, but not very much. I fell out with Nutkin and I remain fallen out with it. But more on that another day. Now I'm sleepy and am heading off to bed.


trash said...

That really is from one extreme to the other! Get you with the cute red toes and tanned pins. Obvious someone left the country.

Quinn said...

Looks like a lovely family holiday - Mr. Stressy looks quite relaxed! Will you have to change his name?

I loved spending time in Portugal a few years ago. Wish it was a bit closer - I'd go back for another visit.

dottycookie said...

Now listen, Mrs Stashbasket, it's not on showing us sunny pictures and fab legs. Those of us with stumpy pins who have spent a soggy summer here in the UK are bound to become envious ;-)

Glad you had a lovely summer!

marit said...

Looks like a lovely holiday! I'm rather envious of that sun..haven't had too much of it around here...
So nice to see a picture of you too:-)

wonderwoman said...

quite a contrast! Loving the painted toenails!!!


picperfic said...

woh...lovely legs Michaela...!! ooks like a wonderful place to visit, maybe when it cools down a bit! Enjoyed the happy photos of you all together too :)