Thursday, July 23, 2009

It's Thursday, so it must be weigh day...

Unfortunately so. I knew the scales were going to be unkind to me this morning. Can't imagine why. It surely can't be anything to do with the pizza, chocolates, peanuts and biscuits can it? I have given myself a strict talking to and am now back on the fruit and water, instead of coffee and biscuits.

It has not been a good week. Food wise or anything else wise. Some very miserable person has been using my credit card to help themselves to things which they don't deserve. I knew nothing about this until a Whisky company phoned up to check on my address - as the crate of Bacardi which I'd ordered didn't seem to be going to the correct place. Er, pardon? What Bacardi would this be then? They've had malt whisky at £70 a bottle, goodness knows how much mobile phone accessories and lots of other stuff. I'm just waiting now for my credit card statement to turn up to see what else they've helped themselves to. Needless to say, the card has been stopped, but oh the inconvenience of it all. Hope they bloody well choke on the whisky.

Rant over, now back to calm. Here are a couple more prizes going into the diet raffle - some gorgeous fabric from Rachel and some bamboo sock needles from Mary de B (least I hope that's where they're from, sorry ladies, my head is a bit all over the place this week).

This fabric is beautiful - crisp clean cotton in gorgeous colours - all tied up with a very lovely piece of ribbon too. Must stop eating rubbish. Must lose weight. Must try and win pretty material.

And I've never used such teeny needles before ( all my sock needles are about 10" long!) and I so want to try them out.

Repeat after me, must stop eating rubbish. Must lose weight.

Is DIY liposuction with the hoover a possibility I wonder?

Edited to add this photo. Postie has just called and look what Moogsmum has sent for the diety raffle. Now if this doesn't encourage you to lose weight, then I feel nothing will.

It is lace weight (I think) alpaca from Nimu Yarns (no link as Mrs Nimu has just had a baby and is doing baby things rather than yarny things) and this bright pink and green sock weight yarn from Thistleknits. I am now giving serious thought to cancelling the whole raffle, refusing to send back the donated prizes and doing a runner. I need this yarn. I must win this yarn. It is wonderful!


Anonymous said...

Put that Dyson down. The image made me laugh. Hope the holidays get better.

Daisie said...

Step away from the hoover!!!

I too hope nasty nasty selfish horrid people choke or maybe die slowly and painfully of alcohol poisoning! Oh, so much venom for a thursday lunch time!!


Working Mom Knits said...

Shudder at the thought of the credit card mess. Blech!

My "down 1.5" from earlier this week has quickly - and withough my permission - changed to down 0.5

Pitty Party at my house - Who wants Whoopie pies and Peach Cobler with fresh whipped cream?

Mary deB said...

I don't think I lost anything this week -- I certainly hadn't yesterday and today forgot to weigh myself till after breakfast, tsk tsk.

We had a similar credit card experience, though the thieves knew their stuff. Since they were using the card number in Curacao, where we had been holidaying, they went to a big warehouse centre and spent $1200 all at once. The card company called us immediately to check, and the card was cancelled. But I guess they still enjoyed their $1200 worth of loot.

i cannaetell said...

CK apologises but stresses that the £70 a bottle whiskey really is rather lovely. The Barcadi was a gift which would explain the address mix-up, again apologies for the inconvenience.

Rachel said...

Oops! I also forgot to weight myself this morning so better put me down for zero this week! Oh but that yarn looks divine - must try harder!!
Sorry to hear about the credit card troubles - hope your hols get better from hereon in.
R x

Working Mom Knits said...

Sorry boys. You are on your own for meals until New Years.

I really need to with this more-fab-by-the-day prize!!!!

Kathryn said...

Oh, horrid people using your card! A pox on them (hopefully in really painful places)!

My weight has gone up and down like a yoyo the past week, and unfortuntely it has ended up on the up. Up a pound to be exact. Ho hum.

Don't do weird things with the hoover, you'll end up an urban myth told around casualty units.

My word verification is chunc. Kinda appropriate...

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

So sorry to hear about the b@$+@^ds and your credit card :o(

But lovely goodies going into the "must lose weight" stash!

I'm going to doctor's tomorrow cos apparently if you're as fat as me you can get about 12 weeks free membership of Slimming World - must be worth a try!

Lucy x

dottycookie said...

Evil, evil, EVIL robbing credit card meanies. Hope the CC company cooperate. And hope even more that they catch the horrid person responsible.

I'm down a pound - it was 1.5 more but I was done in by red wine last night, ho hum.

wonderwoman said...

so sorry to hear about the credit card thing - happened to me a couple of years ago - first thing i knew about it was when they wouldn't take my card at Tesco - oh the embarrassment, trolley load of shopping and no money!! turned out i'd been to Rome - i wish!!! all got sorted in the end tho - just a b....y nuisance!


Rhiannon said...

You knit socks on 10" needles?! How do you manage when it gets teeny? I can only just about cope when I use 6"....

As to the w*nker who took your card, I hope they get found and suffer horribly for what they did - a friend of mine had her card cloned a while back and it was just a nightmare

I reckon the pizza, chocolates, peanuts and biscuits have been worth it this week - its a blip week and it doesn't matter
ps. OMG word v is andyndec which is a little too close to that popular (yet annoying) presenting duo Ant n Dec for my liking....

Cybèle said...

My ex and I bought a Dyson when I was nearing the end of my pregnancy with my eldest. We couldn't believe the force of the sucking action, so we decided that if she got stuck on the way out (she was born at home), we'd just stick the Dyson on her.
I'm deliberating whether to join you on the diet journey... I don't need to lose much, I lost over 2 st 5 yrs ago with WeightWatchers, but a stone of that has crept back on and although I've lost a bit, I can't seem to muster the willpower to get the rest off. And it's bothering me.

Moogsmum said...

I've gone and joined Slimming World as I really want to win that yarn back!!!!

3.5lbs lighter at the end of the first week....gloat gloat ;)

Hope those thieving b*&^%$ds get alcohol poisoning and that their livers explode!