Saturday, July 11, 2009

Saturday pudding

Rhubarb and Ginger Fool

A year ago today, this happened, so today's pudding is dedicated to my father-in-law. This was rhubarb from our garden, the plant that he dug up quite a lot of years ago now from his garden and gave to us. There can be few other puddings which are so very English (sorry Non, who came from Wales!). I mean, who else would even consider calling a pudding a fool?

I've been working on this lately - Soho in Posh Yarn's Martha. What a great pattern. So easy and mindless and I just know I will love it when it's done - like a big scarfy wrappy thing in the prettiest of colours.

With all this mention of blankets and indeed scarfy wrappy things, I don't want you to think I've forgotten about the Startitis Sock Club. That is still alive and well. Look at all these socks without partners! I finally cast off Ensnared (the one on the far left) this week - what a chore it's been. Apart from the pretty patterned band near the top, the whole thing is knitted in twisted rib.

I'm wondering if it's about time to cast on another one - what do you think? Or should I perhaps maybe think of completing a pair?! The decision lies with you! Please vote
  1. new sock
  2. 2nd ensnared
  3. 2nd monkey
  4. 2nd zig zag anklet
  5. mystery blanket
  6. Golden Wedding blanket
  7. Soho
Think carefully when you make your choice!


trashalou said...

second anklet - smaller ergo quicker to finish which then more means sooner to do other stuff!

Anonymous said...

new sock!!

dottycookie said...

A second anklet - they;re really lovley!

Hope your pudding brings only wonderful memories.

Kathryn said...



Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Well obviously I'm going to say "new sock new sock NEW SOCK!!!!"

So I said it!

Locket x

wonderwoman said...

new sock, but definitely an odd one - i always wear odd socks!


Anonymous said...

Step away from Ensnared! I'd finish the Monkey's myself. (word verification = Undes!)