Sunday, July 5, 2009

Sunday Pudding

There was no Saturday Pudding this week - it was Carnival day here yesterday and to be honest, everyone was very lucky to get anything to eat at all, let alone pudding! But today I made a creme caramel - did less caramel (in the very likely false assumption that it would be better for me!) and stuffed it full of fresh raspberries, loganberries and strawberries. Mr Stressy had lots of cream on his, I was good and didn't have any! (cream that is, not pudding!)

Glad to see the diets are going well everyone. I'm trying, but it's so difficult. People who say 'oh it's far too hot to eat chocolate' are either lying, insane or plain wierd. It is never too hot for chocolate - a mars bar straight from the fridge? Yummy, scrummy for my tummy!

I am starting to feel a bit bogged down by all the knitting I have got to do. There is just so much - loads of half finished stuff, the Golden Wedding Blanket is already falling behind schedule, oh so many single socks, the Soho wrap, the little bunny egg cosies promised as presents, a new pattern for a hedgehog which is just desperate to be cast on and of course the Mystery Blanket. I think it's time for another WIP week. I shall try very hard and get some stuff completed this week - will also try hard to blog every day so you can see what I'm up to. Have no cakes this week, husband is away, no visitors, I should manage tons of stuff. (But what's the betting I end up spending hours browsing through Ravelry instead?)


Ali said...

Ravelry - it's a rip in the time continuum. Seriously.

Rhiannon said...

I feel bogged down by WIPs and I've only got two projects! There's the ever expanding blanket (seriously doubt it will ever be "finished") and I have succumbed and joined the Sock Startitis club, about which I promise to post soon!

ps. OMG! Word v = singing - both a real word and one relevant to me... I think blogger knows who I am...

dottycookie said...

D'you know, I think anyone who says it's too hot for chocolate has clearly never had any issues with control surrounding food. Humph.