Monday, July 20, 2009


It has been yet another of those stressful weekends here at the Stash Basket. Most of them seem to be that way now and I am fed up of them. So there is no Saturday Pudding, no pictures of knitting completed (no knitting has been completed) and no exciting review of the Harry Potter film - mainly because I was the only one of the family who enjoyed it, and 3 complainers sort of put the dampeners on things.

I am going to decorate eldest son's bedroom now with my dad. Maybe he can cheer me up!

Oh, and the diet is going so appallingly badly that I have put on 3 pounds this weekend. (Yes, in just 2 days!!!!!) Will try and work them off by Thursday weigh day.


dottycookie said...

Ugh, sympathies Michaela. I hate weekends like that. Ours has been good and busy but I've been feeling a bit blah. I think actually I need to switch off the news as it's just making me feel anxious and grumpy!

Good luck with the weight - if it went on that quickly it's bound to be water and it'll most likely come off again just as quickly.

Right, better go and do a spot of child wrangling ...

Anonymous said...

Chin up chuck, sometimes no matter what you do you can never win. The decorating would finish me off!

quinn said...

Sorry about the poor weekend - all it takes is two in a row for me to think it's a trend, so I hope your next two will be totally lovely!

Kitty said...

I used to dread weekends, in a former life. Bank Holiday weekends were the worst, and as they approached I mentally counted down the days to the tension which inevitably accompanied them. Doesn't happen now, thank goodness, but I remember them well enough to be able to relate to this post.

Thinking of you and sending bloggy ((((hugs)))). Take care. x

wonderwoman said...

so sorry your weekend crappy. I agree with you - i loved HP movie! there's always one bit that makes me jump and yep i did again - the bit by the water when Harry bends down to get a drink - mind you i was not the only one who jumped!!!


Moogsmum said...

Oh Michaela, weekends like that are the pits. I hope the week has got better as it's gone on.
Haven't seen HP yet but with the kids finally finished for the summer I have a feeling we soon will!

Good luck with the diet this week :)