Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Progress part 3

I'm going to be quick today - yesterday I ended up losing a good few hours to Ravelry and not getting on with the knitting. Here we have another Mystery blanket square - pink sequins got to go on the top, as yet not knitted, stripe. It's a pretty square this one, I like it. (Please note the Monkee Maker bag, it holds all my little bits for the blanket - beads, sequins, scissors, cable needle etc. Are you jealous?)

And completed last night the latest one to go on the Golden Wedding Blanket. I'm not sure about this one - the outline is a bit too brown. But no way am I going to unpick all that Swiss darning, I'm sure in the whole blanket it won't stand out as being odd.

Right, I am now going to turn this machine off. Must cook tea then knit. No more browsing Ravelry! But before I leave, just let me tell you about a new group I joined last night. It's all about knitting that you've done for other people that hasn't been well received. Some of the stories are unbelievable - can you imagine one poor woman when she split up with her boyfriend, he took a lovingly made hand-knit jumper and cut it up in front of her? I seriously think I would have been in prison for murder had it been me.

Yes, I really am going now. Don't forget it's weigh day tomorrow...

Updated to add...
... whilst leaving a comment on a blog this evening, the word verification was a rude word (I'm too polite to repeat it!) - has anyone else had rude ones?


Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

I love the flower square and don't think the brown outline looks wrong at all!

Off now to read some of the entries in your new Ravelry group - sounds intriguing!

Locket xxx

dottycookie said...

I'm off to look at your new group and count my blessings ... and no, I didn't do any knitting last night but I still didn't get to bed early! Rubbish.