Monday, July 6, 2009


I'm determined to do lots of knitting this week. Here we have the last red lacy square from the mystery blanket - it's taken over a week to get this little square off the needles. I hate knitting it - cables and lace are not my forte. This other one however is right up my street - will finish that tonight and hopefully cast on another one. Or I might get some of them sewn together. Or maybe not.

My diet has hit a huge blip today. Hopefully things will go better tomorrow - it's cooler today and right now I could kill for a hot chocolate! Anyone else want to join me for a virtual pretend big steaming mug of chocolate? Marshmallows, cream, chocolate sprinkles? Make mine a double...


dottycookie said...

Your squares are very pretty. This blanket's going to be a good one!

Oh, I do believe those chocolate 'Options' are a lifesaver ... with a bit of milk they almost (I did say 'almost') taste like the real thing.

wonderwoman said...

yummmm, yes please - its chucking it down here!!!!
your squares look brilliant, as ever!!


Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Diet? What diet? Who said anything about a diet???????

Ooops - maybe I shouldn't have bought the extra delicious extra special chocolate tart that was reduced in Sainsbury's this evening.

And maybe I should have left that extra thick double cream on the shelf!

But if I have some freshly picked strawberries with it that will make it ok won't it???

Locket xxx

quinn said...

So funny! I was on the brink of picking up a chocolate bar to accompany the raffle yarn, and then I realized what I was doing!!

Pretty squares - that blue and gold one is intriguing!