Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Progress part 2

Today I had the afternoon off. No children to worry about - be they in school or at home - no husband to worry about, empty ironing basket, tea was sorted, I had nothing to do! Well, I had plenty to do really, but nothing I wanted to do. So at 12.30, I settled myself down in front of the telly and prepared myself for two and a half hours of uninterrupted quality knitting time. I opted for The Blues Brothers (oh I'd forgotten just how funny that film is) and set about the mystery blanket. It is now much less of a mystery of course - the laws of symmetry more or less tell us what's happening where.

It doesn't really show up all that well does it against the red carpet. I managed to sew lots of the squares together today and cast on for the top left sequin one. I can hardly wait until it's all done, then I can show you a picture outside in decent light. The colours sing, the light on the beads is beautiful and the sequins give it an almost electrifying zinginess!

I was having such a glorious afternoon that it was 3.15 before I realised. Peace and quiet shattered. Children home, arguments and fighting started, the constant 'muuuum can I have....'

Oh heavy, heavy sigh. It was nice while it lasted.


dottycookie said...

It's really coming on beautifully! I am trying to decide whether to knit a bit of slipperage for felting, or just give up and go to bed. Hummmmm.

Rhiannon said...

How gorgeous!
I'd been really curious as to just where this was going, so now its slowly revealed all the squares that seemed to make no sense make much more!

Ali said...

Looking good on the blanket front!

I find that transition from blissfully quiet house to full on mothering duties a hard one to make.

Kathryn said...

Oooh, the blanket looks scrummy! I liked the couple of hours I used to get in the afternoons when Evie was having her nap, catch up with knitting, cooking and washing up. But no more - she's a little whirlwind all day now!