Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Well here it is then, the hamper is all ready and full and waiting to be delivered tomorrow. There is so much stuff in there, much more than you can actually see and it is soooo heavy. There are the normal things like golden syrup and golden pineapple, golden rice and golden sugar. But there are also the more unusual things - Fortnum and Mason gold dragees, a golden wedding cup and saucer (so delightfully naff, I know it will make mum and dad smile) there are all the fabulous Norwegian gold things sent by Marit, a Gold Club pack of playing cards and yes, even Palgraves Golden Treasury of Poems (thanks for that suggestion Ann B). Whilst I opted out of the goldmine idea Wonderwoman, I did manage to find a postcard of the Golden Gate Bridge!!!

Sally I ordered the Goldfish crackers from the site you mentioned and they were really speedy and excellent. Mrs Pao the golden coins were found as was a huge one from Fortnum's. Amberpearl, sadly the goldschlager wasn't to be found in these parts and the on-line delivery was too massive, so that remains out, but great idea. Catherine, Gold Diploma wool is in there too.

Thank-you all so much for the suggestions. Prizes were offered up and a draw has taken place.

Drum roll please.

Marit and Mama,

please step forward to claim your prizes.

(please send your adresses, I am rubbish and have lost them!)


wonderwoman said...

wow that looks amazing - i'm sure your mum and dad will be delighted - congrats to the two winners!


Jan said...

What fabulous gifts, a wonderful idea ,I am sure your Mum and Dad will be over the moon ..love Jan xx

trash said...

Oh that just looks fabulous. TG you have such strong young men in your house to do all the required lifting. Shame about not managing the goldmine ;-)

Amberpearl said...

You have done an amazing job with the hamper, I'm sure your parents will love it and have a great time discovering all that it contains. My SIL did the same thing for my inlaws many years ago and it took them ages getting through all of the contents of the hamper. My DH did a newsleeter for them with articles contributed by their GDs, menu and recipes from the food (which was mostly my contribution) and silly liitle things from their 50 years of marriage. I still have this and treasure it both for my inlaws and for DH who is no longer here. I hope you all enjoy the ocassion.

marit said...

Lucky me:-) I'll send you an e-mail;-)

I hope you've all had a faboulous day today! The hamper is amazing!

Kitty said...

An amazing hamper, Mrs Stash. I have just rushed over here after reading Mrs Moog's blog and seeing that cake you made. Work. Of. Art. Absolutely fantabulous, you clever thing.

So glad you had a nice summer (sorry about the frogging - never easy, but once it's done, it's done).

:) x

Mrs Moog said...

Well done on gathering together all that golden goodness! I really can't wait to find out what your Mum and Dad thought of that amazing blanket.