Saturday, September 20, 2008

3 and 4

OK, OK stop nagging will you. I'll give you photos of silly hats every day for a month if that's what you want. The pink and blue frilly one took 25 mins and the clown took blinking ages (all that hair to knot on and I couldn't be bothered to find a small crochet hook so used this hulking great big thing).

I have set my children the task of coming up with ideas and I will try and incorporate them into wooly hats. This is not easy, they are becoming more outlandish by the day!

Come on then, bring it on Blogging World. See if you can challenge me to put one of your ideas into knit. I don't promise anything, but will have a go...


wonderwoman said...

hey they are brill!!! i think you must be earning a lot of brownie points for ally pally!!
how about a rastafarian one!!! plus dreads!!!


quinn said...

You have already blown my ordinary tiny hats right out of the water - these are brilliant!!
I don't know which I love more...the tropical island or the pudding...or the clown...or...what's next?? A barrister's wig?? A horned helmet?? Can't wait to see :)

Anonymous said...

Great execution, Michaela, and for a worthy cause! I'm impressed by your imaginative palette of colours and motives. How about a rose flower of your choice on top of one of your little hats? It's nice to have your children's input into the little hat's making. I'd immediately buy all these smoothy drinks bottles if the Innocent Drinks were distributed over here.
I hope you are enjoying a nice week-end.


Mary deB said...

pirate hat?
Witch hat?
Cowboy hat?

I love the desert island, myself!

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

What about an "Australian" hat with knitted corks?

I was trying to think of "an archaeologist's hat" but couldn't think of any archaeologists with hats to model it on!

Unless you made an "archaeological dig" hat complete with trowel?!

Lucy x

monkee maker said...

More excellent hats Mrs R .... but come on .... you're the cake maker extraordinaire ... there's GOT to be a cake one .... a victoria sandwich or even better, some HEDGEHODGE cake?! (Best not use an actual malteser for the bobble though, I guess ....)


ps. Is it ok to peruse your blog and possibly nab a picture of Vera?? (I'll take it as "yes" unless I hear from you, ok? Thanks)

Working Mom Knits said...

TBG and I collaborated on a few ideas to keep you going for the next 5 hours:
- a pizza
- Thomas the Tank Engine
- Fireman Sam
- a rooster
- a pot of gold (honoring Warren's pay-out!)
- Wooly (from the book you sent TLG)
- the David
- a gargoyle
- dentures
- a fadora
- Coldstream Guard
- cowboy
- Corgi dog
- a computer
- a croc/gator
- a chef

Working Mom Knits said...

and a late entry -
- a rasta man (hat * hair)

Anonymous said...

I second insistently workingmom's suggestion - love those;)


Gina said...

You've got me knitting them now!