Thursday, September 4, 2008

50 Buttons

I forget whose blog I saw this idea on, but I loved the thought of it and wanted to have a go. My friend's 50th birthday provided the perfect opportunity. I'm really pleased with the way this has worked out. Rubbish framing, but it was only £1.89 (so much better than our local framers who would no doubt have charged over £50 for a similar effect).

Then faced with the problem of my neighbour's golden wedding, I had another go, and I like that too. Oh yes, and here's their cake

This cake was ordered by Doreen's mum - a 96 year old lady still living on her own. I spoke to her last week. She was a bit tired - she had just driven the car into the garage and scratched it on a tree at the side. This tree had long since annoyed her so she decided to saw it down. It took her 2 trips to the dump to get rid of it all.

I'm not sure which made me smile most, the fact that's 96 and still driving, or that she's 96 and sawed a tree down, or that she's 96 and had to make 2 trips to the dump on her own. I have many visions of her struggling with trying to see over the steering wheel whilst being hindered with twigs and leaves! She's only little, but blimey, I hope I'm going as well as that at her age!!!

Update - I got it wrong, Doreen's mum is 98!!!!


Lesley said...

What a wonderful old lady! I think all three scenarios are fab but chopping the tree down because it annoyed her is my favourite!!

Those button pictures are lovely, especially the heart one. A beautiful gift :)


Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

I love your button pics - I did one for my mother-in-laws 70th but never actually gave it to her because I decided the buttons were too wonky! I must sort it out - it will only be 2 and a half years late!

Great story about Doreen's mum too!

Lucy x

Maxine said...

Those button pictures are lovely - what a great idea.

I also loved the story about Doreen's mum, what a fabulous lady she sounds. I hope I'm able to chop down trees and drive the pieces to the tip when I'm 98!!!!

kathrynincolne said...

I love the button pictures. But I won't be giving one to my Mum. She has a button phobia!

Working Mom Knits said...

What a GREAT gift idea!!!
Off to share it with Joan...

Gina said...

I love those button pictures - what a great idea.
As for Doreen's Mum... how fantastic! What an amazing lady.

picperfic said...

oh wouldn't it be great to be able to saw a tree and take it to the dump in a car that you can still drive when you are 98!?! I want to be like that too, amazing. Oh and those button pictures are lovely, especially the second one. Beautiful cake as always! I'll be you neighbour soon!

Lisa Isaacs said...

Lovely, lovely button pictures. I haven't seen those before. I couldn't chop a tree down now and I'm not 98!!! (Shame for the tree though).

Anonymous said...

Hi there, dear artist!

I am attempting to spend less time on the internet and more time cleaning and organizing my space. I can't resist reading your blog, from time to time. Doreen's mother is such a fantastic old lady. What a beautiful, sharp and active mind! ;)

Kylie said...

Love the button pictures and what a great present and saving you made on those frames - they look great.

What a lovely old lady - My hubbys grandfather is like that - 92 and you will still find him up ontop of the bales of hay and drives 200km to the closest little town to them.