Saturday, August 30, 2008

Pudding, Cake, Surprise, Cake, Pudding.

It's going to be a busy day for photos today.

First up, pudding. What to make when you have loads of plums in the garden and a scrap of puff pastry left in the fridge? My version of Tarte Tatin. OK, so it's not made with apples and the purists will be aghast, but it tasted pretty damn fine to me!

Next, cake. What to make when you still have loads of plums? Nigel Slater's (if you don't own a copy of this book, I suggest you get one now!) Really Moist Fresh Plum Cake. This is a doddle to make and was delicious - the photo just does not do it justice. More please!

Ah, now onto the Surprise. This is exciting, really exciting. David (aka Mr Stressy) entered a competition with New Zealand Wines before we went on holiday. On our return, he had a letter saying Congratulations, you've won! We ignored it, passing it off as one of those Reader's Digest type circulars (which is what it looked like). But we checked it out, and indeed it was genuine!

The prize? Sadly not a return flight for 2 to New Zealand (or better still a single flight for 1 Mr Stressy!) But 36 bottles of wine!!!! And not just that, a fridge freezer to put them all in too (priced at £937!!). The wine has arrived, no fridge yet, but never mind, Mr Stressy has turned into Mr Sozzled-and-doesn't-give-a-hoot. It's hard work but we're trying to get through this lot... party round here anyone!

More cake now. Golden Wedding cake.

And last but by no means least, Saturday Pudding. Nigel Slater's trifle - made with blackcurrants, mascarpone, cream, cake and all things delicious. I can hardly wait to get my teeth into this one! (We're off to mum and dad's tomorrow so it's actually going there - Sunday pudding instead.)

Back to blanket news tomorrow - it's not too late to join in the fun!


trashalou said...

Lucky Old Mr Sozzled. Will you be pouring him into the car tomorrow?

Gina said...

That plum tarte tartin looks pretty darn fine to me! And I made that very plum cake a couple of weeks ago... good isn't it! Congratulations to Mr. Sozzled... That's going to be some party... I don't live that far away...

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Do you need any help drinking all that lovely wine? You don't live THAT far away really and it would be for medicinal purposes only - i promise! Cakes and puddings look unfairly scrummy too!

Very impressed with your sock knitting by the way - however did you do those diamonds?

wonderwoman said...

wow you have been busy and it all looks scrumptious to me - more than happy to help out with the wine consumption!!


monkee maker said...

Ooooh, what more could one want in a blog post? Pictures of cake, tart, cake, dessert, WINE and cake. Lovely.

Well done to Mr S, hope he spends many happy an hour with his new stash!