Friday, August 29, 2008

Holiday Knitting

I said I'd let you see the knitting I did on holiday, so here it is. The theme this year was socks!

This pair were started ages ago - Lise from Montreal sent the yarn as a present. It's Handmaiden (I think) Somoko and is wonderful yarn to knit with. It seems really strong so should be hard wearing for socks - very thick too, so these will be my football pair, anticipating the many hours spent at the sides of football pitches in the cold! I'll have enough yarn left over to make a rib at the top, stop them rolling down and making them a bit longer too!

Here's the first Diamond Patch Sock. And I LOVE IT!!!!! When I get round to making the other one, they are going to be mum's Christmas present. It will be a wrench giving them away I can tell you. Posh Yarn Sophia is so beautiful - this yarn was left over from Tipsy. How can you have so much 'left over' Sophia? I must have been very greedy!

And that marks the end of my holiday knitting (apart from the blanket). Didn't get as much done as I'd hoped - why do my family always need feeding? - but at least there was some progress.

As to the blanket (details here and here), it has started on its country-wide visit. Do you want to know when it's coming to you or just leave it as a surprise? I have 7 people on my list and could do with a few more - anyone else willing to join in?


trashalou said...

Ooo! Yes please! Me, me. Tell me!!

Am in awe of your sock genius Missus. Have just completed my first pair and not sure I will ever do it again.

Anonymous said...

You can add me to the list of blanket knitters. At least with a deadline I'll get it done!!

Gina said...

Those are rather gorgeous socks! Not sure if I want to know when the blanket is arriving... I like the idea of a surprise!

wonderwoman said...

love the socks, have never made any...yet! yes please i would like to know as i seem to have committed myself to rather a few things lately, the latest being squares for WMK.


Rosie said...

Great socks, I am afraid I can only do plain ones, and even then I get in a complete mess with them.