Friday, August 1, 2008

Happy Yorkshire Day

Well I've just heard that today is Yorkshire Day. I was born in Yorkshire so I would like to wish all fellow Yorkshire Roses a very happy day. Wonder what we should all be doing. Any ideas?

I've had a busy couple of days at mum and dad's. Shopping, knitting and eating. Perfect! I have at long last finished Trudie - what do you think? It is so comfy (oh how I love that Hipknits silk) and swishy. I changed the top band slightly to an i-cord bind off and used buttons instead of long wavy ties (too reminiscent of the 80's for my liking).

I also finished the scarf from the yarn mum bought me from Norway. It's silk and alpaca and is gorgeously soft and luxurious. Pattern based on the scarf from the Interweave book, but shorter and heart-shaped buttons added, which clink along when you walk. I also added a little slit so you can push one end of the scarf through so as not to end up with a big knot. (Someone remind me to get my hair cut please!)

I've also been having a go at knitting some food from this book.

Poached egg on toast anyone?

Or maybe you'd rather have a cheese, lettuce and tomato sandwich?

And for pudding, how about a Bakewell tart, lemon curd tart or slice of Swiss roll?


Cazzie said...

Love both Trudie and the scarf :)

quinn said...

Every picture made me say "ooh!" Your scarf is a brilliant use of that special yarn.

now I must go make breakfast. For some reason, I'm craving eggs and toast :)

(And I wish my hair looked as good as yours!)

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Wow that's a lot of fab knitting - Trudie looks gorgeous - and you look really lovely in both photos! The food looks great - such fun! Lucy x

picperfic said...

aye oop lass..happy Yorkshire day! Love your Trudi and the scarf. In fact, I quite like your hair in the scarf shot, it looks nice longer!

trashalou said...

Love, love, lovetty love that scarf! And apprently you need a haircut Michaela (although I don't know why - uo here at Trash Towers we think it looks great!)

Gayle said...

Happy Yorkshire Day! I've been a long time reader. I found you through Monkee Maker. (I sure do miss her monkey adventures.) Your knitting work is beautiful!

Merry Mog said...

What great knitting. I bought that book a couple of weeks ago. Have also made liquorice allsorts from her Bazaar book. She has a website with free food knitting patterns on it! Also Happy Yorkshire Day. We go up that way every year - I still have relatives up in the NE. We stay near Richmond and are vey fond of the dales.

Lisa Isaacs said...

I'm a Yorkshire lass! Where were you born?? Love Trudie and I especially love the sandwich! Great!

Lesley said...

Gorgeous knitting Michaela - I love Trudie, the colour is fab and your scarf looks fantastic in those yummy yarns!
Great knitted food - a perfect picnic :)


monkee maker said...

I simply don't believe it!! Not only do you bake divine cakes, but you knit them too?? Love love LOVE the cakes, and the sandwich is possibly the best thing I've seen since knitted sliced bread!

Oh, and the cardi and scarf look fab too, but really, I'm just a sucker for totally pointless knitting ....


ps. Not that knitted cakes are totally pointless, natch.

pps. My hubby can often be found standing in the bin on rubbish day too.

ppps. How come you have THREE bins??! I have bin envy!