Saturday, August 9, 2008

Saturday Pudding - and a cake

I was given a napkin and an invitation and asked if I could incorporate the pictures onto the cake. So this is what I came up with. Ruby's mum was very pleased and has said that she didn't want to cut it! Praise in deed.

Incidentally, 2 of my customers have refused to cut their cakes. The first was a huge homage to David Essex which was sent to a local care home for the elderly. The second was a racing car that was left and left and left. It collapsed after 18months and had to be thrown away!

I sometimes wonder if the people at either of these parties felt a little miffed that they didn't get any cake...

And Saturday pudding reflects the weather. Winter has come unusually early (isn't it freezing and wet and miserable?) so I give you my all time favourite winter pudding. Treacle pud and custard. Made this in the microwave as I'd only left myself 5 mins to make pudding - that's why there's no drippy syrup, but it tasted pretty good anyway.


Lesley said...

That is a gorgeous cake Michaela. I hope they do cut it - such a waste of yummy cake otherwise!! I have no sentiment with decorated cakes having grown up surrounded by them!

Mmm- treacle sponge and custard sounds perfect. We were going to go camping tomorrow night but I have a feeling our plans will be changing!

Staying home and making pudding appeals much more :)


quinn said...

Every one of your cakes is so lovely, I can see where it would be difficult to make the first cut. Difficult, but goodness gracious - to *not* cut it and share it out and enjoy it would be unthinkable!

The alternative is a bit too 'miss havisham' for me :o

Would you consider sharing your method for the microwave dessert? Looks delicious!

trashalou said...

OMG! Miss Havisham!! I never thought about it like that before! Just yesterday we emptied out the larder and found our 'other' wedding cake. A little wobbly on the top and oozing some sort of liqour but the sugar paste flowers are still gorgeous.

wonderwoman said...

that is a beautiful cake, i'm not surprised they didn't want to cut it! we too had a grotty day yesterday, it tipped it down all day!
i love treacle pudding, how about the receipe?!

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

The cake is amazing - yet again! You really are so talented Michaela!

Your pudding is delicious too - we were so cold on Saturday morning that we lit the fire! By the evening the weather had changed and it was warmer again - typical!

Pink Sky said...

The cake is so very cute! I am not surprised she had a tough time cutting it. But I don't think I'd leave it out there for months uncut, though. It's still cake and meant to be eaten! :) I suppose that's why I need to diet and they don't, though. :)