Sunday, August 3, 2008

Two Puddings

Forgot to do this earlier on, so you get 2 puddings for the price of one today. Chocolate mousse with strawberries was the Saturday pudding.

And because I had loads of egg whites in the fridge, some strawberries and peaches that needed using and half a pot of cream, today's pudding is strawberry and peach meringue roulade.

Oh, and if like me you missed the bin collection due to the strike a couple of weeks ago, may I present you with the best way to deal with grumpy husbands. Make him think that you need the contents of the recycle bin squashing. Get him to stand in there, bop him on the head and close the lid. A perfect end to a stressful Sunday afternoon.


Anonymous said...

Dear Michaela:

Make me laugh! ;) Hope your are'nt as stressed now. Your family is spoiled and those irresistible week-end puddings are often daydreaming for me. I am trying desperately to shorten time passed browsing on the internet at home while cleaning cries for attention First summer resolution needs implementation: to clean and organize my place. Best wishes for a relaxing summer. Will e-mail to you in the next few days.



trashalou said...

Do you bungee strap the lid down to stop him getting out before he calms down?

kerrie said...

Does Mr Stashbasket know there is a picture of him in a wheely bin on the internet? Hee hee hee. Perfect way to deal with grumpy husbands, I'll remember that one fr next time. x

The Caked Crusader said...

Gosh your mousse looks pretty - the strawberries around the edge bring it to life! Lovely

wonderwoman said...

what a great stress buster! must get mine to try that, although he does occasionally have to try to smush down the muck heap! there's a pretty picture!
puds look fantastic, will have to try and make one.

picperfic said...

HAHAH!! I don't have a wheely bin...but then I wouldn't my man in there, not just yet! lol...yummy puddings, I love anything with meringue!