Saturday, August 23, 2008

Holidays and Precipitation

The first few days of our holiday were spent in North Wales. It rained a bit, but then it always does, so we had gone prepared to enjoy a chilly day out on Barmouth Beach. It wasn't that bad though really, my mother-in-law being brave enough to go barefoot!

It had rained a lot before we went though, which gave the advantage of all the streams and rivers being very full. I have never seen this particular stream so full at this time of year. I sat in the sunshine and did a spot of knitting here. Perfect, just perfect (the children had gone fishing with David, so it was very peaceful and tranquil).

After a few days in Wales, we moved to North Yorkshire. This is another place renowned for its damp weather conditions. We did not, however, realise just how damp!

Day 1 was raining so we went to the Sealife Centre at Scarborough. Paid £3 for the pay-and-display car park then later got stung with a parking ticket for not having displayed it correctly! Drove wrong way down a one way street too, so currently awaiting another traffic violation ticket in the post. The sun made a brief appearance. This memorable photo shows a shadow. Not seen again all holiday.

Day 2 was raining so we went to York. Great place. Great shops (yes Warren, I went to Sheepish but didn't buy any yarn!!!!) What lovely people run that shop. I want to work there.

Day 3 was raining so we went for a drive to see the countryside. Do not be fooled by the fluffy white clouds on the right, the ones on the left were very dark and gloomy and soon deposited their contents on us.

Day 4 was raining so we went into the nearest town, found a toy shop, bought Monopoly and a pack of cards. Played Monopoly and cards all day.

Day 5 was cloudy but not raining, so we headed off to the beach (this is Whitby) (I think, forgive me, my brain has turned to mush). Managed half an hour on the beach before a truly wonderful thunderstorm arrived. Might as well have just gone swimming in all my clothes.

Day 6 was supposed to be reasonable weather all day, so we set off for a nice bracing walk round The Hole of Horcum. We guessed it was about a 6 -7 mile round trip, heading deep into this valley, along the bottom and up the sides to stroll along the moors amongst the heather. We had been informed it would take about 3 hours and was beautiful. So off we set. Youngest son slipped in the mud and fell over half way round. Very muddy. Husband swore and cursed. I laughed. Then I fell over and laughed even louder. More mud on arse than I thought humanly possible! (Soaked through trousers and pants!)

Beautiful scenery. Whilst admiring scenery, happened to look at sky. Bugger. Black. It rained like it had not rained all week. Torrential. Hail stones. Thunder, luckily no lightning (no trees to attract stray bolts of lightning, just 4 idiots walking on the moors). Returned to the car after 4 hours - obviously slow walkers - very wet and cold.

Day 7 was our day to leave. The sun was shining. It was warm. The few clouds in the sky were pretty and white and fluffy. Bloody typical.

Knitting and blanket news tomorrow, when my temper has improved and my clothes have dried out! (Oh, and am I the only one obsessed by this song? Bonkers, and I love it!)


wonderwoman said...

oh i'm so sorry it rained on your hols, but as you say we expect it! i laughed at your mud scene, cos have done it myself a few times, and the only thing to do is laugh!!lovely pics, especially where you were knitting! i have heard that song soooo many times and it does rather stick.


Working Mom Knits said...

Welcome back : )

What beautiful pictures!

ps: Love shopping in York! Relatives in N. Yorkshire took me there ages ago.

pps: should have taken Trashy up on her Olympics bet - Haul Britannia!

trashalou said...

Glad your holiday visit went swimmingly (ha ha! get me, I'm so funny.

Glad you didn't take me up on that bet. I may have to mortgage one of the kids just to meet my debt to Missus Moogsmum!

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

It's great to have you back again Michaela but sorry to hear your holiday was a wash-out! Laughed at the mud bit too - especially as I did much the same thing while flying a kite with the children at my mum and dad's house last week - couldn't sit down for hours!

Looking forward to seeing the knitting! Lucy x

Lisa Isaacs said...

Loved reading all about your holiday! Even in the rain. I come from Hull and enjoyed many outings to York. Also took my kids to Sealife a couple of years ago. They loved it - and we didn't get any parking tickets!!!

Lesley said...

Our week in Cornwall was similar, although we did manage one sunny day!!

I wasn't obsessing about that song...until now...thanks :)


scarlettina said...

Yes, it is Whitby on that photo.
It really doesn't always rain around here but this summer has been non-existant. I think we have gone straight from spring to autumn.