Thursday, August 7, 2008

Tidying up and casting on

There wasn't room for Vera in the Stash basket anymore. Things had reached pretty drastic proportions, she was not happy at being usurped by a Rabbit and was demanding action.

So I took my life in my hands and emptied the entire contents on the floor determined to tidy up. It got sorted, re-arranged, tidied and put back. Well, some of it did, 2 whole carrier bags just couldn't fit in the basket (so they have now been relocated to the airing cupboard!)

It doesn't really look a whole lot different, except from the very happy Monkee sitting on top! Welcome home Vera!

And yes, I've cast on something else again. I mean, who on earth could resist these socks? Not me for one, so I ordered the pattern and cast on the very day it arrived. This is a wonderful pattern, most of it being knit on normal straight needles, dpn's only coming in for the heel, toe and ribbing. I love this pattern. Really and truly love it. And it grows quite quickly too - I only started this last Saturday. Posh Yarn Sophia . Is there a more perfect sock yarn? It's made me think of all sorts of other possibilities too (Harlequin socks in lots of different colours? Boy Racer socks in black and white squares?)

If you haven't made a pair of these socks, I urge you to give them a go. Is there a knit along for these? Anyone want to start one if not? I am very enthusiastic about these, can you tell? It is now at the very top of my favourite sock pattern list.


Eve said...

I too saw those socks on sussexyorkie's blog and ordered the pattern (plus the one for mittens and the fan socks and mittens) and am in the process of knitting them along woth a "few" other things.
Noticed your bobbin lace too, my Mum does a lot of that, I still have to learn how; I better, I will inherit an awful lot of lace stuff.

trashalou said...

I'll join a KAL for these b/c I a desperate to do some socks!

picperfic said...

I've ordered the pattern! What a delicious basket full of yumminess..lucky Vera and rabbits, bet they love it in there!

Anonymous said...

You are tempting me to try another pair which I didn't think possible! They are a suprisingly quick knit and very addictive, love the coloured version.

Cazzie said...

Wow - they look fab and the pattern is showing the yarn off at its best. I want to do the gloves :)

Lesley said...

If I had the first clue how to knit socks I'd join in too!!


Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Oooooh your stash basket looks yummy - can I come round to play too? Your socks are looking pretty amazing too but what I'm really bowled over by is that stunning lace from your previous post - WOW! How ever did you have the patience to do that? I am in total awe!

Lucy x