Friday, August 8, 2008

The Number Sixteen.

Sixteen years is a very long time in the life of a mayfly.
Sixteen years is a very short time in the life of a baobab tree.
Sixteen years is 3 years more than my eldest son has been alive.
Sixteen years is double how old my youngest son is.
Sixteen years ago I was thin.
Sixteen years ago David did not have white hair.
Sixteen years is how long I've been married.
Sixteen years is how long this man has had to put up with me.
Sixteen years is how long I've had to put with this man.

Sixteen eh?
Champagne is chilling.
Chocolate gooey pudding is made.
Delia's pork stroganoff is waiting to hit the pan.
Romance is in the air.

And if you believe that, sixteen is the number of times you need to
poke the bubble with a knitting needle! It will burst you know!


wonderwoman said...

congratulations, hope you have a lovely day and hope he's got you something nice - as for romance, well we all live in hope!


Merry Mog said...

Well... a few days away from the computer and I find you are working like a steam engine! Congratulations on sixteen years. Love all the crafty bits. Well done. x

monkee maker said...

Awww - what a stunning picture! And what a tiny waist!! Happy Happy Anniversary to you both :)

I hope that all you said about the champagne and the GORGEOUS sounding food is true, but I hope that today he's doing it for you.

... Now. Can we talk about Vera being chucked out of the stash basket??? ...


Lesley said...

Congratulations to you both!!

I hope you have a very lovely and romanitc anniversary :)


picperfic said...

what a lovely photo! Congratulations!

Working Mom Knits said...

Ahhhh! Young love : )



ps - you've both chosen very well

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Happy Anniversary to you both! What a gorgeous photo too! Romance though? What's that?????

Locket xxxx

Pink Sky said...

Congratulations! You two look lovely. I hope he did some nice romantic things for you! :)

Gina said...

Happy anniversary. I hope you enjoyed your meal - sounds lovely.