Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Just before we went away, this incredible picture arrived for me. The truly splendiferous WMK sent it for me (she's nice like that!). You can't see the detail so well on the photo, nor the subtlety of the colours, but just believe me, it's quite beautiful. She had it painted for me and has included lots of little things to do with me (spot the chocolate cake, yarn, chef's hat and knitting needles to name a few). There are words on there that WMK associates with me - but I'm far too modest to tell you those! It is quite the most lovely thing ever and I just adore it.

Thank-you so much WMK. You made me smile for a very long time!


Upstairs along what we loosely call a 'landing' (actually long corridor!) I have a Rogue's Gallery. This is made up of lots of group pictures - David's Squadron from Army Days, my junior school class, my grandparent's wedding, the boy's class photos etc etc. Anyway, mum found this photo and thought it should be in our gallery - my Dad's in there (tall one, smiling, back row) during his National Service days. It's not a big photo, less than 6" x 11", so I took it into the framer's today to get a quote.

I nearly collapsed on the spot. £58.75!!!!!!! I asked how the man could justify that expense - his hourly rate must be about £50. He explained there was a lot of work involved (really? doing what?)

Very politely I told him to get stuffed, phoned up another framer, had a quote for £17 and have sent it away.

So the one from WMK will be following soon when I can bear to drag myself away from the glorious colours.


wonderwoman said...

that is a gorgeous present,, what a lovely thing to send you.
i can't believe your first quote thats outrageous and i'm not surprised you told him to stuff it!


Lesley said...

That WMK is so lovely - what a wonderful gift!!

Silly Mr Framerman did himself out of some business there - mad mad price!!!


trashalou said...

That WMK, she is bound to get a sore neck when she gets to heaven. All those stars in her crown will just about outshine the sun I reckon!

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

What a lovely lovely gift from Clara - so thoughtful!

But the framer's price for your dad's picture is just plain ludicrous! Don't go there again!!!

Lucy x