Monday, August 4, 2008

A new arrival and new socks

For some time now, Bartholomew Archibald Bunny and his mum and dad (Blossom and Alfie) have been expecting a new arrival. Uncle Randall wrote to them and asked if he could come and stay. Bartholomew was very excited - he had heard such tales of Uncle Randall and is often told stories of his escapades. Uncle Randall, you understand, was a pirate. All very thrilling for a little bunny to hear about.

Batholomew read books and even learnt how to make a ship just in case he ever got the chance to go to sea.

And then just the other day, Postie knocked at the door with a parcel for me which was hastily pinched by a family of very excited little rabbits.

And here he is. Uncle Randall has never stopped talking once - here he is relating just how big the fish was that got away ('really? As big as this?'). He has fitted in perfectly to the Stash Basket (apparently much like the Crow's Nest on top of the ship) and is settling in very well to life on dry land.

The workmanship that goes into the making of these wonderful Little Cotton Rabbits is quite stunning. Julie is a very talented person indeed. And now that I have 4 of them, I will stop there and let someone else have a turn to try and win one.

On totally unrelated news, looky here - another finished object! A pair of socks! And going on the rules which you so foolishly set yourself Warren, that's actually 2 finished items! Hope you're saving hard!!!!!

12 comments: said...

Finally I can feel less guilty about also having won FOUR Little Cotton Rabbits from Julie...well actually more like 2 LCR's and 2 LCE's..elephants.

My hubby pointed out that Randall actually had a "star" sweater and Calvin had the "pirate" sweater...Hmmmmm?

He only noticed it since HE wanted to win Calvin. He's a kid at heart!

duraknit said...

Michaela, I've only been reading your blog since the first Oliver blanket project began. In that time, I've watched the "not long now, Warren" meter tick down, and you're so close now! I am truly impressed.

Elizabeth D.

trashalou said...

Welcome Uncle Randall, we look forward to your mighty pirate tales!

Working Mom Knits said...

Good job Uncle Randall stayed in the UK - if he were here we'd call him "Uncle Randy" and I'm told that, in England, being called "randy" may/may not be a good thing, depending on one's point of view.

Welome Uncle Randall!

ps: the WMK House Monsters really aren't too bad once they've been fed - and they are a fantastic team whenit comes to picking peachs and blackberries!

warrenincolne said...

The Stash Basket like a crow's nest?

You mean magpie's nest, don't you: a magpie with a penchant for yarn, not shiny things.

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Oh so green with envy over here! 4 LCR's? You are so lucky! And Uncle Randall looks like any little boy's favourite role model!

Love your solution to grumpy husbands from the previous post - I don't think I'll show it to Mr Locket or he might decide it is the best thing to do with his "can't cope with the children a minute longer"-grumpy-wife!

quinn said...

That blanket. (Swoon.)
Those socks upon that blanket.
"wha?" (Me, finding myself on the floor.)

monkee maker said...


ahem ... I'll stop shouting now. But really, Michaela, please think of other less fortunate souls who can only type with two fingers SO WILL NEVER HAVE A CHANCE OF GETTING A MONKEY!!!

Oops. I got a little overwrought there again. Sorry.

Yours, slightly green around the edges,

of Brizzle.

ps. Blogging every day? No chance. I've promised a certain someone that I won't be as obsessed this time round ....

picperfic said...

how on earth do you ever manage to buy one of these sought after rabbits? Do you stalk her shop day and night? Have you an alarm that goes off to tell you one is available? I am simply jealous but so happy that your rabbit family is complete now...that Julie is so talented!

wonderwoman said...

what a lovely rabbit collection! randall is gorgeous, will have to go and have a look at little cotton rabbits right now!

Pink Sky said...

Congratulations on the new addition to your household! I was very lucky and adopted Rosalie, I need to post a photo of her getting acquainted with the other bunnies (no other little cotton rabbits, but I hope to be able to get her a little friend in the future.)

You have been so productive lately, it's quite inspiring, I need to pick up my needles and finish a project or two! Your Lizard Ridge blanket on this post looks lovely!

Lesley said...

Uncle Randall looks like he has many exciting piratical tales to tell. How lovely to have a family of Julie's bunnies :)

I'm not going to succumb to sock envy again...much...aagh to late...gorgeous socks!!... and I wanna knit socks too...shuffles off sulking....