Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Um, what's gone wrong?

For some unknown reason my computer isn't letting me download pictures from my camera.

So I can't show you my windowsill full of little hats. Neither can I show you the sock that I just finished last night. Or the yarn wound into a pretty ball ready to start another sock.

And I certainly can't show you the pudding that we had for tea last night (it was like apples covered in lemon curd poured into a pastry case and baked until golden). And that has nothing to do with the camera, no, we were pigs and ate it up before I remembered to take a picture!

Oh, anyone know the whereabouts of the St Dunstan's blanket? Who's got it now?

Ooh look everybody, it worked! I'm obviously not so rubbish as I thought!!! A few bad words and a hearty kick did the job! (20 hats Warren - hope you're saving up!)


trashalou said...

nothing fixes stuff like a good threat and a swift kick!

Gina said...

That is an impresive array of hats. The pudding sounded pretty impressive too!

Merry Mog said...

That's an impressive display of hats. Where do you find the time... a working girl like you? That pud sounds good too.

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Those hats are fab! And the pudding sounds delicious - did you have to tell us about it?????

Lucy x

wonderwoman said...

the little hats are soo cute! and i wish i'd had dinner at yours - pud sounds mouthwateringly good!

being of a non technical nature myself, i agree with trashy - a hefty thump can fix most machines - sometimes!!


monkee maker said...

Well, would you look at all those gorgeous hats lined up .... Innocent could use your window sill as an advert!

I really really really really REALLY hope the cakey one (or the stash basket, natch) (or any of them really) comes to a Brizzle Sainsburys.


Lesley said...

Those little hats are wonderful Michaela!! I think you should email Innocent to show them and then you'll get a dream job as a smoothie hat designer....am I getting carried away here?

Any pudding with lemon curd in just has to be good and I'm not surprised it disappeared so fast!!