Thursday, September 18, 2008

Number 2

Now I'm not going to bore you every day for the next month with pictures of little hats (well, maybe I shall) But I just wanted to let you see number 2. Desert Island Hat.

The house is in a mess. Haven't yet decided what to make for tea. There's knitting all over the place, and OMG, Mr stressy is due home any minute.

Perhaps I've got time to just make another little hat? (And yes Monkee Maker, it really does only take about 20 mins to make one. Give it a go and you'll see!)


Working Mom Knits said...

Your hats are great! Note to self: ask Ryan to get a few for me before he comes home for Christmas.*

ps: we've had a bout of norovirus -not at all pretty and makes your desert island hat look pretty darned inviting : )

Gina said...

That is just too clever!

wonderwoman said...

that is just soooo cute! can't believe its only 20 minutes, clever you!


Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

That hat is even more incredible than the Christmas pudding one! You're amazing!

Lucy x

the vicious chicken said...

Yay! Another knitted hat person :o) And might I say, a person whose knitted hats are just fabulous! Your desert island hat should *so* be Innocent's hat of the week :o)

The speediness of knitting mini-hats really is very pleasing, isn't it?

PS. Please may I cast a vote for more pics of little wooly hats, not fewer? Every day for the next month sounds quite acceptable to me :o)

monkee maker said...

I'm with VC. Please post pictures of knitted hats every day. OR EVERY TWENTY MINUTES!!

Sorry, but are you really trying to tell me that the Desert Island hat (which slots in beautifully with Talk like a Pirate day - bravo!) TAKES ONLY TWENTY MINUTES?? WITH THE TREE AND EVERYTHING??!

Ok .... I may have to try one. But possibly only one if AS I SUSPECT it takes about two days ....


alice c said...

I lerv this hat - please ask them to sell it in my local supermarket - oh, and could they put a reserved note on it until I get there.

Lesley said...

This may be my favourite one of all. Keep knitting though as I may change my mind ;)