Thursday, September 11, 2008


I can hardly believe it was 7 years ago that I was waiting to collect youngest son from school when I heard Steve Wright on the radio saying that a plane had flown into a large building in New York.

Along with many others I thought he meant a small, light aircraft.

And along with many others I sat horrified at the pictures beamed live to our homes, tears streaming down my face.

My thoughts are with everyone affected by this dreadful event. No doubt I will still be sitting crying as I watch the memorial programmes taking place this evening.

I am a peaceful being. Why can't we just all get on? I'm obviously very naive too.


Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

All I can say is "long may your naivety last" - I am totally naive in the same way - why on earth can't we all get along?

Lesley said...

Beautiful post Michaela. This is certainly a day for us all to stop and think.


Shawn Mary said...

I feel the same way too.

I moved to Manhattan the year after 9/11 and let me tell you it was a September I will never forget.

I posted about my experience in Manhattan if you want to read.

wonderwoman said...

i'm with you - i just don't understand how anyone can do such horrific things and i don't think i ever will.