Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Number 1

I went to Sainsbury's today and bought myself a little bottle of Innocent Smoothie (they also sell 'thickies' which made me laugh out loud) just so that I could see if I was knitting the right size hat. This is my first attempt - a cashmere Christmas Pudding. And it is now official. I am hooked on knitting teeny weeny hats. 20 mins from start to finish. I think I can spare that much time on a daily basis, so expect to see a new hat every day until dead line day.

Did I really say that? So as well as the St Dunstan's knitting, the Christmas knitting and the bag knitting, I'm also doing teeny hat knitting.

The cashier in Sainsbury's had obviously never heard of the hat project. The conversation went along the lines of:-

Me - (to myself) - Hmm, I wonder if it will fit (holding up bottle)
Her - I'm sorry?
Me - I'm buying one of these so I can try a hat on it.
Her - Pardon?
Me - I've knitted a hat to go on top of this bottle.
Her - Oh. Why?
Me - Because Innocent will give 50p to Age Concern if I do.
Her - Ohhhh, I seeeee. You knit hats for little bottles.
Me - Yes. My first is in the shape of a Christmas Pudding.
Her - Right. (Obviously wondering where on earth Security was when you needed them)
Me - You sell them near Christmas, you must have seen them.
Her - Um no, can't say I have. (Sarah, ring the bell for me)
Me - Oh yes, you sold them last year, they are hoping to have half a million hats knitted for them this year.
Her - OK, I can see my supervisor calling me, I must go now, good bye.

Sane, normal, it's everyone else who's odd, not me.

Thanks for all the help about the bag. My Fairy Godmother has come to my aid and has let me swap some of her mini skeins so hopefully I can finish the bag in time for Ally Pally and stuff it with yarn!


trashalou said...

Oh the joy of the 'innernets' - there is always a fairy godmother watching from somewhere :-)

Marie said...

Yey! I didn't realise the big knit was back on again. I did this last year (having been roped in by a work collegue) and just loved seeing those little hats coming together so quickly. I shall have to get going on some. Thanks for the reminder.


wonderwoman said...

i can't believe you do them so quick - with just plain knitting it would take me a lot longer!!!
so nice to have a fairygodmother - every girl should have one!!


Pink Sky said...

Well, I'm in the states and I heard about that project a long time ago (must be the knitting addiction, I suppose) so it's not that crazy to expect someone to know about it.

I think your hat looks great! :) And how creative to swap with your fairy godmother. :D Brilliant idea.

Gina said...

Love the hat - I made some last year and did a Christmas pudding! The boys thought I was mad to make little hats for bottles to keep them warm in the fridge!

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Your little hat is fabulous and I love the checkout story! Lucy x

Anonymous said...

Give me a shout if you need anymore mini skeins. Wasn't sure how many you would need.

monkee maker said...

No way! 20 minutes from start to finish, even with that intarsia?? (forgive me if that's the wrong word, I'm not really a knitting purist) (as you probably know) (I knit with acrylic for heaven's sake!)

Those fingers of yours must be fast at EVERYTHING!!

It's a very cute hat and I shall be looking out for it in my local Sainsburys come Christmas (unlike that checkout lady ....)


picperfic said...

oh you conversation with the check out girl was so funny! Glad you got the bag sorted. Love the hat, I wonder what people do with them after they have drunk the thickie!

Cybèle said...

We bought an Innocent smoothie last year with a little orange hat, and it got used for all sorts of things - mostly to keep the heads of little cuddly toys warm.
The story about the checkout cracked me up...