Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Casting on - again

You know how when you see a pattern and it just shouts your name? Like Tipsy did to me all those months ago? Well I saw this on Ravelry and just knew I had to make one. But not for me the elegant subtle colours that I could have got from Noro, I decided to go for something far more 'in your face'. So raiding the stash basket (which is getting perilously low in stash) I came across all the little Wollmeise skeins that Kerrie bought me. Perfect! Pattern bought, all cast on and I am so loving this pattern! I adore clever knitting and this is cleverness itself. (It's a 'stained glass window' bag for those of you not with a ravelry name)

Not for me the geekiness of hadron whatsit doo daas, give me a cleverly written pattern, some gorgeous yarn and believe me, my inner Geek outshines all of yours! (Incidentally, if the black hole materialises before I have finished this, I am going to be seriously annoyed!)

However, I have come across one major problem. I do not have enough yarn.

Now I would buy more, but am not allowed to do so before Ally Pally and I really wanted this finished before the event so I could skip happily amongst the yarn with a pretty (garish) bag.

So what do I do? Take a Sainsbury's bag instead? Those big ones are very big and I can fit lots of yarn in there. Or buy more yarn and announce to Warren that all bets are off and I've failed at the last hurdle?

Have also realised that I need to get a move on with finishing the UFO's - Warren has pledged hard cash for all projects completed by the date I go crazy and spend, spend, spend. (Came up with a cunning plan though, looking here I see these don't take long to knit so theoretically I could knit loads by my dead line and help others in turn).

Advice please.


Viv said...

I suffer from stash-itis, but mine is yarn AND fabric, I seriously need professional help.

The only thing I can suggest to help with your bag problem is to get one of these


I don't like promoting big supermarkets but these bags are a good size, made from recycled materials and some of the money goes to Marie Curie.

Have a great time at Ally Pally.

Hope this helps.


wonderwoman said...

i think the little hats plan is a great idea - could definitely knit up a storm of those!! if you need any extra wool for your bag just email me what type and i'll see if i can help!! always have way too much yarn and fabric (well according to hubby!!!)


quinn said...

finished my 8th innocent hat this morning, and highly recommend the (addictive) process. doing a good thing and giggling madly at the results...how often does that happen?

picperfic said...

I don't believe you...I bought the yarn and pattern ages ago to make that bag but haven't had time to make it yet! I don't know what to advise you to do really. Would you like to borrow my yarn and then pay me back when you are allowed to buy some?

trashalou said...

Suggest you take Picperfic uup on her offer as it will calm your innner Geek however... I have a floral Cath Kidston Y.O.T. bag sitting in my lil' craft cupboard doing nothing and never used if you want it?

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Hmmmm, I'm not sure Warren would be too happy with the Innocent hats plan!!!! You may have to negotiate a set number that would count as one item otherwise he is going to be seriously short of money!

Your knitting geekiness and cleverness never ceases to amaze me - that pattern looks so difficult!

Lucy x

sara said...

Take the big bag and knit the small things. Make the most of Ally Pally.

Rosie said...

Oh I love those stained glass bags,I'm doing the crochet one, ha ha it looks so easy!
Love the supermarket situation, great hat too.

jayne said...

I think you should get onto the Cath Kidston website and buy a 15th Birthday bag for £8. It won't hold EVERYTHING you buy at Ally Pally - let's face it, you're due a splurge and a half - but it's cheap and more stylish than plastic. You've inspired me to knit some awfully tiny hats, too!