Monday, July 9, 2007


It's happened again. I need to cast something new onto the needles. Startitis has reared its ugly head yet again. I've told myself that I really need to finish something first, but no, heart has won over reason. I found myself desperately grabbing cashmere last night on Dee's sale. Is there going to be a world shortage I wonder? Must panic buy just in case.

But just look at this pattern. I love it! I've always enjoyed Fair Isle knitting and very much like the idea of doing cheats Fair Isle using variegated yarn. So think I will delve into the depths of the Stash Basket and see if I can unearth some more 4-ply cashmere just so that I can make this. I want a new Cardigan. I need a new Cardigan. I need a new Cashmere Cardigan. Not being greedy am I? (The Forest Canopy shawl is coming along - very slowly - now have 11 pattern repeats and it's almost big enough to be a head-scarf!)

Oh, have you seen Monkee Maker's blog lately? It is just the funniest thing ever. It seems to be updated every day, there are loads of photos, and it's just completely bonkers. It also seems to be written by the tallest woman in the entire world, looking at one of the camping photos!

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picperfic said...

stop sending me off to to other blogs when I want to comment on this one please...I love that cardi pattern, those frilly cuffs are just so gorgeous! now I want to knot fairisle but then I know I'll regret starting to so I'll just look through my Rowan magazines for a while...That Monkey lady is mad! (I used the link in your had too much info in the link in the post)