Wednesday, July 25, 2007

My hat

This is my hat. I have taken it off to all of you with 3 children. Especially those with 3 boys. Welsh friend has now been here for 3 days and already I'm exhausted! How can one extra child make so much difference? The washing, the food, the entertaining... He's really no bother at all, so why on earth I no longer seem able to get into the normal routine is entirely beyond me. But at least my hat has come in useful to Blossom and Alfie! It's actually not a very nice hat, very chilly, bit small, made from Colinette Prism... not a lot going for it really. But they seem quite happy with it!
Eldest son had a bit of an accident last night. He tripped over a piece of flat carpet (how?) and bashed his head on a metal runner. There was so much blood, I seriously thought he'd smashed his head open. His whole ear was full of the stuff and it was pouring down his neck (sorry, not squeamish are you? OK then, I'll stop) Anyway, I cleaned him up and found a 1cm long deep cut in the top of his ear. Decided against hospital as it quickly seemed to heal over - the cut hadn't gone right through so went with motherly instinct - cold cloth on wound, paracetamol in mouth. Seemed to work ok. Today head is sore and ear is swollen and turning purple. He's managed to go swimming and play football so can't be too bad I feel. Known for my sympathy me!
Ooh, managed 3 rows of Forest Canopy tonight whilst watching Heroes. Didn't like it, too scary for me! (I'm a wimp, pathetic, sad, big wuss, but I can't bear things that are a bit spooky and super natural) I thought it was going to be like Superman. Where were the fancy cloaks and padded pants? I liked the little Japanese man Hiro, he made me laugh. Not much else did though!


daisie said...

Some US friends had told me to watch "Heroes" but I wasnt sure about it either, I nearly switched off early on but stuck it out and it slightly improved. Don't think I'll stick with it though. And what's more I started a new fcs on New Knitpicks 5 mm with lovely June Yarn Yard but had to unpck it all! those Heroes were bad luck! maybe the lovely House will be better knitting company tonight :)

picperfic said...

oh my...gorey stuff, hope he's ok? I don't like to be scared either, give me casualty any day! Mind you that has had me on the edge of my seat a few times lately! I needed to de brief with Barry after! :^)