Saturday, July 21, 2007

Calling South America!

Looking at my map, I see someone from South America has called in to see me. Hello! How are you? Who are you? Today's photo is especially for you, so please stop by and introduce yourself!
And on the subject of this World Map, why does it only show half of the world? Does anyone have a whole one?

Going to have a much needed sit down now and do some knitting... I'm coming Tipsy, just a minute...


picperfic said... are so funny! Hope your mystery visitor talks to you! How lucky are they to get a photo just for themselves?

Monkee Maker said...


Glad you see you got your map sorted out. You may know this by now; if you click once on your map you'll get the whole world instead of just half, and you'll see a list of your recent visitors.

Gorgeous new cakes, and I like the Ursula one. I don't know how people can bear to eat them though .... I'd just want to look at them and admire them. Oh, who am I trying to kid?? I'd dive straight in!!