Monday, July 23, 2007

HP, K and W

Have you got your copy then? Or are you not a fan? Me, I'm a big, big fan of Harry Potter. Love the books, the Stephen Fry audio cassettes and the films. Oh, and Allison Hansel's Charmed Knits too. I'm a Potter freak. Some would say I'm just a freak! I'm not very far into the book so far, but am really enjoying it. Not a fast reader you see. Not a fast anything come to think of it.
Kathryn too is a big Potter fan, so how appropriate that her baby should arrive on Saturday just as the postmen all over the country were starting to deliver copies of the book. I won't divulge new baby's name - she's a girl and no it's not Hermione - Kathryn can do that here if she wants to. It's a very pretty name though - unusual, but then we wouldn't expect an ordinary name from you and W now would we?!
Should be icing another cake tonight, but it's going very slowly - trying to read at the same time - picture of cake tomorrow, but there's a little clue in the bottom left hand corner. Must get on with it as it's being collected tomorrow.


picperfic said...

Ooh that little blue man in the corner looks interesting....I got Maisie a copy of HP yesterday in Tes cos for £5 cos we spent £50 including the book which is on sale for £10 so in effect we only had to spend £40 to get it for £5...lost you yet??

I can't wait to learn of this new name!

kerrie said...

i finished it!!!

Anonymous said...

I still haven't finished the blue/green cardigan - a certain little person decided I should concentrate on her. Evangeline (or Evie) is doing well, though her parents are just a little bit tired....