Saturday, July 28, 2007

A walk in Cusworth Park

This is a picture on my kitchen wall. It was done by a very talented friend of mine (Sonia Dobbs, now Sonia Orr), a copy of a photo taken of my grandma and my youngest son when he was 2. I love it - mum had it done for me as a surprise one year for my birthday - I cried so much when I unwrapped it - Grimble as we called her had not long since left this mortal coil. I'm only showing it to you today because I didn't know what picture to put on today and as I like it, thought you might too. I have lots of pictures done by Sonia as well as some sculpture things - sorry, don't know the technical term! Will probably show you more of her work again one day.
You'll never guess what - I've actually finished something! No not knitting related or even cake related. But Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. And I thought it was fantastic, the best one yet. It would have been slightly better if my children (who'd sneaked a look at the ending) hadn't told me what was going to happen, but hey, never mind, I loved it all the same. I have never read a book as quickly as this. It was great, love it, love it, love it. Will save up to buy it on cassette I think now. Sadly saving is something that 's not coming easily to me at the moment, thanks to this.
Oh and have you seen this - the prettiest scarf I've ever seen. Want one. Startitis is rearing its ugly head again!


picperfic said... better do that cardi first young lady! I have my eye on that scarf you know, it's a cracker! I love that painting, a special and very emotional picture for you. I have two watercolours that are so special to me too. Both were painted from photos that my Mum and My Dad took and they were painted by an artist friend of theirs. My Mum gave me the paintings shortly after my Dad died in 1987..they are waiting patiently for a special place in our new home which surely isn't too far away...

daisiejane said...

thank you Michaela! how exciting!

and yes,that cardi is going to be worth a look so post lots of updates!

that is a lovely painting. What a wonderful idea. I have a little photo of my parents sitting in their garden.It is only a "snap" that one of their friends took, but they look so happy. It is getting faded now and I think it would be so special to find someone to paint it,now that my dad is no longer here. What an inspiration!