Sunday, July 1, 2007

I wish...

This picture was taken a couple of years ago, but I like it so thought you might too. Memories of a holiday in Wales. They fish, I knit. Perfect!
So Kerrie wants me to list 5 things I wish I could learn not do. Only 5? Every day I think 'oh I wish I didn't keep doing that', but here goes just a few...
  1. I wish I didn't say yes to everything. I have real trouble saying 'no'. This particularly applies to cakes. I love doing them, but 2 birthday cakes and a 3-tier Wedding cake in one week is just too much. I know I'll be tired and ratty, but still I do it! Bed at 1.30am and up at 6.30am is just not enough sleep.
  2. It's sunny and I'm going out for a couple of hours so I leave the washing out to dry. Why don't I believe the weather forecast? They said it will rain. It can't possibly - look, blue sky, no clouds. I go out. It rains. Washing is wet and dirty all over again.
  3. When my husband comes home from 5 days work in London, stressed out and short-tempered, why do I try and hold a conversation with him? Why don't I just pour him a large whisky and leave him be for half an hour?
  4. I so wish I could finish a knitting project before starting on another one. I have loads of UFO's dotted around the house, all of which I really like. I would just really like to finish one some time...
  5. I wish I could learn not to open the biscuit tin and eat a biscuit. One invariably leads to another, or puts me in the mood for cake (have been making chocolate almond cakes all week, and they are very good ). I am trying to lose weight. Biscuits and cakes are not helping!

So how about you? I'm throwing this out into the blogisphere. What do you really wish you could learn not to do? And how about the opposite, what would you really like to learn to do?

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