Friday, June 29, 2007

Bump's Blanket

You may have noticed the shortage of knitting-related posts in the last few weeks. Well this is the reason. I've been working my little socks off trying to get this finished for Kathryn, who left today to start her maternity leave. Way back in April (remember how hot it was back then and no rain?) I had this wonderful idea to get everyone on the staff in school to knit a square, then I'd sew them together and a lovely blanket would be the result. I still think it was a wonderful idea, and I really love the finished result, but the bit in between has been a nightmare!

I never anticipated the hugely different tensions, or the inability to knit until piece measured 4". I've had 'squares' that were 5" wide, and some were 3". Some were a mere 3" tall and others were 6". One poor lady didn't dare own up to an inability to knit - she started with 25 stitches, and before long had 48 stitches! The Deputy Head had a blister after just 3 rows!

It has involved some serious jiggling about to get it looking like this! Then the border... oh that border went on forever! But it was so worth it. Kathryn loved it, Bump tried it on, and we all said farewell to our Knitting Club Leader.

Things will not be the same without you Kathryn. How will I manage to get C to finish a row, G to loosen her tension, A to stop tormenting her sister, B to calm down; will H ever return to finish his monkey, who will be the next victim to be tied up with finger knitting....? Am I going to go loopy? Er, loopier?


Mr. Kathryn said...

The blanket is wonderful, in both concept and execution! I can but wonder how you coaxed so many odd sized "squares" into such a beautifully finished whole. I've taken several photos…just in case the magic wears off and it disappears in a puff of smoke!

Kathryn's retelling of its creation, combined with the card showing who knitted which square, brought a lump to my throat.

Kathryn would love to post a comment here. Indeed, she's tried a couple of times, but the tears brimming in her eyes make it very hard for her to focus. Until she's regained her emotional composure (which may be several days hence), you'll just have to accept my assurance that she's absolutely delighted with Bump's Blanket. We both are.

We're touched that so many people devoted so much time to this. Thank you all very, very much.


picperfic said...

Mr Kathryn has said it all really, you did well and told the story with a lot of humour too...quite a task to get it all together in the end!