Friday, June 1, 2007


My two children decided to do some baking today and this is the result. Clever eh? I washed the car and left them to it. Big mistake.
Mum this says icing sugar, but it looks like flour will it do instead? No. Where's the golden syrup - this is in the same sort of tin, will it be ok to use? No. That's black treacle. Have you got any beaten eggs? No, you have to crack one and beat it yourself. What do you mean beat it? Smash it up. Oh. Is this a teaspoon? No, a tablespoon, big difference. What are rolled oats? Where's the cocoa? Do we cook the biscuits in the pan? No and you have to mix all the ingredients together first. Tell me when 10 minutes is up. Is it up yet? How about now? LOOK AT THE CLOCK WHY DON'T YOU?
I was eventually presented with these beautiful plates of goodies.
Mum when's dinner, we're starving?
I looked around at the room that used to be my kitchen. The mountain of washing up. The dropped ingredients on the floor. The cupboards opened and things piled up in front of them. The completely empty cutlery drawer. The rag rug covered in chocolate. An assortment of baking trays piled high so even Sir Edmund Hillary would have found the assent a challenge.
Dinner? Not just yet boys. Not just yet....

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picperfic said...

oh my...I remember all that. You think it's a good idea to give them something to do and you end up having to do more yourself! But the results? Happy children that leanr to eat well and cook for themselves. Mine all love to cook and eat!!