Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Flower Festival

Mum and Dad came over to visit me today. Now I know lots of you may think that your own parents are the best, but sorry, you're all wrong. My mum and dad are definitely the best you can get. I returned from work at lunch time to find all the ironing done, the hoovering done (even the stairs!) the cleaning and polishing done and best of all, lunch waiting for me on the table! Now how fantastic is that eh?!

Their Church has just had its Flower Festival where lots of ladies make an arrangement based on a common theme. And this amazing piece of work is my mum's. She's never been trained in flower arranging, but has just picked it up over the years. I wish I had been able to see it in person (dad took the photo), because it looks pretty impressive to me even on this teeny weeny scale. The flowers are beautiful but for me the best bit of this is the crisp white cloth. The edging you see has been crocheted - I will try and get a close up of it one day. But for now you'll just have to admire it from a distance. It was bought from an antiques fair a while ago - neither of us know how to use the Dreaded Hook Thing.

Oh and incase you saw their house up for sale a fortnight ago here on this blog, well you're too late to buy! They accepted an offer today, have placed an offer on another house and have got the removal firm coming in next week to give them a quote. Not hanging around are they?!

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kerrie said...

well, lets hope they are moving nice and close to me so that your mum can pop in and look after me as well! hee hee. Beautiful flower arrangements, my mum is really good at them as well. Clever mums we have don't we? Hows the cakes?