Monday, June 18, 2007

More Cashmere

Mum and dad came over yesterday (it was Father's Day so I did lunch - roast pork with all the bits and chocolate mousse, creme caramel and fruit salad for pudding). But it was a sad day. I had to say farewell to the shawl. Mum loved it even more in real life so it looks like it has gone to its new home for good.

But my wonderful mum volunteered to knit one for me too and just look what I found lurking in the Stash Basket. More of Kerrie's cashmere (all say Happy Birthday to Kerrie). Yippee!! I bought this well over a year ago to knit a gansey with. I've started the gansey, but it's so complicated and the pattern just doesn't show up with this variegated yarn so I've given up. I've never had the heart to frog it though - maybe that will be tonight's project - ooh, do you want to see it before I do? OK, hang on while I get it ...

So there it is, you can't see the cables let alone all the complicated stitch patterns, so I feel it has to be frogged. There's so much there might even be enough for a pair of socks one day too, unless mum wants to make a mega-huge shawl. Or maybe even 2 shawls. Any other ideas?

Oh and when I said I like summer rain, I really didn't mean all the time, so please can you make it stop now. Pretty please? Especially for tomorrow as we have our class trip. Thank-you.


sharon said...

you can have our sunshine and I'll take you're rain!!! we need rain over here!!!
lovely yarn and I can just see it as a shawl.

Dee said...

It's time for you to knit your own shawl, missus! Go Michaela! Go Michaela!!