Tuesday, June 19, 2007


Thank-you, oh Powers That Be - the weather was perfect for our class trip today! We went to Welney - an area of wetland. We did lots of different things, exploring using our senses and finding nice places for little ducks to live. All very sweet, and just right for our class of 4 - 5 year olds. I just wanted to stay in one of the hides though and look around for all the different birds. One of the children even saw a Penguin, very rare in the wild in this particular part of the country. Very rare indeed!

I loved the room where we had our lunch. It was decorated as if you were in a pond, as in at the bottom of the pond. This newly hatched dragon fly was just above my head - the picture doesn't do him justice, as he was actually about 3 foot long. There were frogs on the walls as well as snails, fish and frogspawn hanging from the ceiling. There was even a huge (and I mean really Huge) heron's head coming out from one of the walls, eating a fish.

Now you know those blogger surveys you can get, has anybody done the 'what yarn are you' one? I'd be interested to hear what you are. Both Dee and I are apparently dishcloth cotton. How wrong can that be?! I'll try and find a link, but don't any of you hold out any hope for it working...

...no sorry, can't do it! But go to Sharon's blog and it's there on the side.


kerrie said...

i think this is the link


off to do it now

kerrie said...

dishcloth cotton is me too. Very very wrong.

sharon said...

I certainly don't see you as dishcloth!!!

Sussex Yorkie said...

Baby Alpaca for me, don't know how that happend but I'm not complaining.
Had it been Dishcloth Cotton I'd have been in very good company.